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How to Do Magic Tricks With Pencil?

Hello everyone and welcome to my post “How to Do Magic Tricks With Pencil?” We have seen different tricks with the pencil. These all methods are simple but require practice. These are particularly goods for kids as these are easy and you can show in front of your friends and family to really amaze them. But before kids […]

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How to Make Liquid Appear In an Empty Glass?

Welcome friends. May be you already know that magic tricks are categorized as street, stage and party magic tricks depending upon their types. The trick I am going to discuss is basically party trick which can be specifically performed at clubs, bars or some sort of gatherings. It looks very difficult, but it is simple. […]

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How to Make an Elephant Appear? Magic Trick Revealed!

Welcome friends. Today we will see how to make an elephant appear from somewhere. It looks impossible because it’s an elephant of almost five tons, not a pencil or any other small thing. The magician performs this illusion among the spectators which are obviously surprising. For performing this trick, the magician has needed a lot […]

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