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Learn Coin Vanish Magic Trick With Free Tutorial

Welcome guys. Coin vanish trick is very simple and common among street performers. It doesn’t have anything technical in it. So everybody can try it. Especially I advise the beginners to take the start from such simple tricks. I am going to explain it to you by two different ways. Both are easy and quite […]

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Learn How to Do Magic Tricks?

Welcome guys. Today I will tell you some secrets to be an expert magician. For being an expert magician, a person has to learn or develop certain skills. This article is of particular importance for those who are interested in doing such tricks, and they used to do at home but are not master in […]

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How to Read People’s Minds? I Feel Like I Can!

Most of the people like that someone else suggests them what is going in his or her mind. Such activities attract everybody. And many people have the ability to read the minds of others. Some people have such qualities God gifted, and some develop them with a little bit effort and struggle. Everything is possible. […]

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How To Bend A Spoon With The Power Of Mind?

Welcome guys. Today I will discuss how to bend a spoon with the power of the mind. Apparently, it seems difficult, but the fact is that it is effortless and it’s up to you that how cunningly you demonstrate it. I hope so that you will like it. Thanks for watching. HOW TO BEND A […]

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