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Master Mentalism Review – Does it Work?

Want to learn the truth about Master Mentalism? Well, if you landed here, chances are that, you are really into magic and mentalism, and would probably want to know whether this program actually delivers what it promotes, right?  Well, I had the opportunity to sneak into the program and get a good view of what it is […]

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Mentalist Uri Geller Spoon Bending Trick Revealed

I am a big fan of people who are performing mentalism tricks and tricks and always searching for the science behind the trick. Not only me, everyone who either choose hobby or profession gets so curious that they would not sit until to find the art behind a particular trick. There are many famous mentalist […]

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How Do Mentalists Work? Revealing Truth Here!

Today mentalism art popularity has increased tremendously from the past days. The reason is very simple, something that creates suspense in the human mind, we start to find the secrets to uncovering this suspense.The same case applies to mentalism; when we see people with extraordinary skills and performing such tasks on stage or TV that […]

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What is Mentalism? A Great Insight Here!

Often you have seen extraordinary tricks and magic on TV. They seem to be real and have a lot of effect on the people.I am always a big fan of people who are performing this art.The most common tricks you have often seen are playing with cards, bending a spoon, cut woman into the half, […]

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