How To Bend A Spoon With The Power Of Mind?

Welcome guys. Today I will discuss how to bend a spoon with the power of the mind.

Apparently, it seems difficult, but the fact is that it is effortless and it’s up to you that how cunningly you demonstrate it. 

This technique was first time developed by an Israeli magician Uri Geller, and he claimed that he could bend a spoon with the power of mind in front of the audience and he proved that...

The people were surprised. In reality, it’s not the power of mind it is actually a gambit.

There are different methods by which you can easily dodge the people by showing that you are really bending a spoon with the power of your mind, but in fact it isn't.

These different methods are discussed below in detail.

 1. Using Already Broken Spoon

Fact About It

One thing should be kept in mind before performing it in front of an audience that it can be easily captured by the people if you show it close to the people, so it’s better for you to stay at a distance.


Take a spoon that is already broken. You can split spoon into two halves by using a sharp cutter or bend spoon again and again in such a way that the stem of spoon gets separated from its upper part.

Now hold the both parts before the audience as they are joined. Show your viewers as you are focusing on a spoon so strongly that metal starts melting.

Release Both Parts

Pretend as the spoon is melting and now you release the stem of the spoon slowly and leave both the parts of spoon exhibiting that it has broken into two pieces and you have succeeded in using your mental power.

Care Must Be Taken

You must be careful while holding broken spoon and hold the two ends strongly otherwise your trick will be exposed to the people and it will be embarrassing for you.


For it, you have required two spoons. Break one spoon by the cutter and bend another spoon.

Now hold the bent spoon in your hand in such a way that its stem remains hidden behind the palm of your hand and hold the broken stem of another spoon with your fingers tightly pretending as the spoon is straight and stable.

Remove The Broken Stem Secretly

Now bend the broken stem gradually by reducing your hold on both ends showing that you are applying the power of mind and it is turning itself.

Very carefully remove the broken stem by another hand by concealing it and show your viewers the bent spoon.


Use the fork whose one of the arm is already bent, but you should be careful in holding the spoon before the audience with such angle that it appears straight to the public and then move it slowly showing that it has started bending.

But it requires a lot of practice.


Another straightforward technique is that you can use the spoons which are weak and can be easily bent.

These spoons are made of such metal mixture that can be easily bent even when shaking these spoons in tea or hot water and also by very slight heat.

So take such Spoon show it to the audience that it is free of any fault and then rub your hand gently on the spoon. It will start bending by the heat of the body.

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