How to Change Money Into Paper With a Magic Trick?

Welcome to my post. In this text, we will see how to turn a piece of paper into money by burning it. Magic tricks should always be exciting, and when it involves the money, obviously the audience takes more interest. It is very easy and interesting trick. You will enjoy it. Thanks for watching.

Things needed for performance

For your performance, you required a paper piece, a candle, match box and a table.

How to do it

At first, the wizard shows the piece of paper to the audience that it is regular paper, it has nothing special in it. He also shows his hands to the public. Then he places the piece of paper on the table and picks up the match box which is placed openly on the table. He takes out a match stick and burns the candle which is on the table. He crumples the paper and then burns it on the candle. The paper catches fire at once, and it seems that paper is burnt completely. The magician opens the paper. The white paper piece has now turned into a bill piece. Wow, is this possible in reality?

How is it done?

The secret lies in the match box and white piece of paper.  I told you early that match box is placed open on the table.

Before coming in front of the audience, the magician places the money bill in the space in match box on the back side. The public could not see it because it is completely hidden. When magician takes out the match stick for burning the candle, he closes the match box to move the dollar bill into his hand. The magician hides it in his hand. Then he very cunningly wraps the white piece of paper around the dollar bill. Then he burns the paper and shows the dollar bill to the public pretending that paper has turned into money.

About paper

The paper which the magician uses is a particular form of chemical paper which catches fire at once. The paper burns at once and magician shows dollar bill to the public which was wrapped in the paper.

This illusion is famous among street performers. It is simple, and everybody can practice it.

Another method

You can also perform this trick in different style. Cut the three or four white pages with their size equal to the size of dollar bills and paste the same number of dollar bills on the back side of one of the white paper and place it at the end. Show white papers from both sides to the public and half of the white paper to which dollar bills are attached as shown in the video. Now start the magic and show the white side to the audience and cover it with both hands and turn your hands with dollar bills at the top. It is clear from the video. Perform it very carefully that audience could not see the money on the back side initially.

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