How to Make Liquid Appear In an Empty Glass?

Welcome friends. May be you already know that magic tricks are categorized as street, stage and party magic tricks depending upon their types. The trick I am going to discuss is basically party trick which can be specifically performed at clubs, bars or some sort of gatherings. It looks very difficult, but it is simple. It is the best trick for beginners, and they can perform it with little bit practice. I will explain it step by step. I hope you will understand it and like it. Thanks for watching and liking it.

Things to be needed

  1. Two glasses which should be identical.
  2. One glass should be filled with any liquid, and other should be empty.
  3. One table.
  4. A small towel or any other cloth of normal size. Its size should be such that it can easily cover or hide the glass.

How Magician Perform it?

Magician sits on a chair, and there is a table in his front. On the table, there is an empty glass and a towel. The magician shows the glass to the public that it is a normal glass and has nothing in it. Then the illusionist picks up the empty glass and towel and cleans the glass with it. While doing this, the glass gets filled with the liquid. Wow! The magician really did it. It was looking impossible, but it’s true that nothing is impossible in this world.

But how is this possible? Let’s have a look

So what is the Secret?

It does not have any thing technical in it. It is extremely easy. It is simply sleight of hand, and it should be performed with speed.

  1. Purpose of placing table

No doubt table is used to place the glass and towel, but it also has another use as well. The table is actually used to hide the lap of the magician.

  1. Filled glass

Another glass which is filled with the liquid is not visible to the public and magician places it in his lap which is concealed by the table.

  1. Use of towel

The magician uses the towel to clean the glass, but this action is only to distract the audience and to exchange the glass.

How Magicians exchange glasses?

The magician picks up the empty glass and cleans it with the towel. The filled glass is in the lap of the magician. The magician picks up the filled glass and exchanges it with the empty glass. All this happens behind the towel, and it should be rapid so that audience could not get it.


  1. Both glasses should be same.
  2. The size of towel should be larger than the glass.
  3. Hold the towel carefully so that the public can’t see the other glass.
  4. Perform it with the speed so that public can’t guess the trick.
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