How to Read People’s Minds? I Feel Like I Can!

Most of the people like that someone else suggests them what is going in his or her mind. Such activities attract everybody. And many people have the ability to read the minds of others. Some people have such qualities God gifted, and some develop them with a little bit effort and struggle.

Everything is possible. If you are interested to read the minds of people, you have to develop individual skills, but it demands practice because practice makes man perfect.

It Seems Impossible

If someone says to me that he or she can read my mind, initially I will not believe. Obviously, it looks impossible. If possible, then it will be strenuous. It’s our general opinion that only psychologists are trained for such activities.

No doubt they are properly trained, but common people can also achieve it. But it demands that one remains to stick to one decision and keep on struggling.

Natural Mind Readers

To read the mind of others, we should be a keen observer. We should observe the expressions and thoughts of others. We should be sharp in guessing about the feelings.

Sometimes, in the beginning, we may be wrong, but with time and practice, we will become an expert.

Skills Needed to be Developed(for beginners)

1. Clear up Your Mind

To read the mind of others, first of all, make yourself tension free. Clear up your mind of all kinds of anxieties and disturbances. Perceive everything in your environment.

2. Open up Your Spirit

Apart from clearing up mind another important step is to be available at that time. By availability, I mean that all your attention should be towards that person not somewhere else.

Your mental state and inner being should be in peace. For attaining peace, you can take exercise (yoga). You can do it by yourself at home if you can’t take exercise because of some reason. For this sit in a separate room in complete silence and concentrate on nature. You will feel a strange power in the environment.

If you keep on practicing with the time, you will learn how to focus on life and feelings or emotions of a person. And will become your nature to focus.

3. Seeing and Not Seeing

Concentrate on a person for few seconds and make a picture of his whole body, the way he is behaving and posing everything should be in your mind. You should have knowledge of other things in the surrounding either it is a chair on which he is sitting, table or a wall behind the man.

You should not confuse the personality of a person with the surrounding. There should be a boundary between the two.

4. Focus on the Person

Now again focus on a person. Look into his eyes for about 15 seconds. Don’t look for a long time because it may cause uneasiness. Make a picture of his eyes and face in your mind.

Now you have to start the process of mind reading. Completely focus on the picture in your mind in complete quietness.

5. Begin to Talk with the Person

Choose any topic related to his occupation, home or any other and let’s start to talk with him. It will help you to guess what is going in his mind. It will fill your mind with the variety of thoughts. Don’t ignore your sixth sense and tell him what comes to your mind.

Some other Ways

When you have become perfect in judging the emotions and thoughts of the others you can use some other tricks to give a broad view of what’s going in the mind of others.

1. Emotional Intelligence

If you are aware of the person to whom you are talking, then you can share his feelings either he is sad or happy and can ask the reason for such feelings. If he is depressed, you can suggest him the ways by which he can reduce his grief. And it will be fruitful to enhance your skills.

2. You should be a Good Listener

When you talk to the person, you should be entirely involved in the conversation. You should focus on what he is saying and what not. In some situations, silence speaks more than words. Your interest will help you to find out what’s going in his mind.

3. Consider Feelings

Today we are so involved in our lives that we give no value to our emotions. That is the reason we can’t understand others. Most of the experts say that more we respond to our feelings more, we will be able to consider the feelings of others.


Initially, it seems difficult, but practice makes it possible. If you are a master in reading other minds, then don’t use it in the negative perspective. Use it to help the people.

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