How to Vanish an Elephant? Make it Disappear on Stage!

Welcome friends. In this text, I will tell you how to make an elephant disappear. In the previous article, we saw how to make an elephant appear. As that was simple and does not have any thing technical in it, same is the case with it. In this technique, the magician fools the audience by disappearing the elephant of seven hundred pounds. It sounds impossible. But it is possible.

Let’s see how this happens:

Be Careful

First of all, you need an elephant and make sure that it does not get out of control. If possible keep its trainee with it to control it.

 Design of the cage

The cage design for the elephant is huge, and its gates are designed specifically that have gaps in them from where the elephant is visible to the public to ensure that it is still inside.

How is it done?

The magician asks the assistances to bring the elephant along with the trainee to keep the elephant under control. The elephant is kept inside the cage. As its gates have gaps so the audience can see the elephant from outside. And after a minute as the magician starts his magic the elephant is not there inside the cage.

The magician shows the cage to the public after opening it. How is it possible? Such a giant elephant gets vanish. So let’s see what the secret is;

Secret lies in the cage

The whole secret lies in the design of the cage. It is designed in such a way that it has curtains all around both inside and outside. And the gates have secret mirrors fitted inside. As the magician starts the magic initially, the elephant is visible, and at the end, the assistance of the magician closes these hidden mirrors. So now the audience could not see what is inside.

The public could not judge that there are mirrors fitted in the gate. The reason is that the same curtains are outside as inside. So the image of outside curtains on the mirror distracts the public.

Where does an elephant go?

After opening the mirrors, the assistance of the wizard who is inside the cage takes the elephant on the back side of the curtains. And then closes them. And when the magician opens the cage, the elephant has gone. Smoky mirrors can also be used to disappear things, but basic trick remains the same.


  1. Keep the trainee of the elephant to control it.
  2. The curtains on both sides of the cage should be same.
  3. Make sure that the lever or button controlling the mirrors is working properly before performing in front of the audience.
  4. Open the cage after some time when you are sure that the assistance has now taken away the elephant.
  5. You can also use the smoke to misguide the public.
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