Learn Coin Vanish Magic Trick With Free Tutorial

Welcome guys. Coin vanish trick is very simple and common among street performers.

It doesn’t have anything technical in it. So everybody can try it.

Especially I advise the beginners to take the start from such simple tricks. I am going to explain it to you by two different ways. Both are easy and quite interesting.

You just need a little bit practice. I hope you will understand and like it. Thanks for watching.

Apparent method for the illusion

In the first method, the magician holds the coin in his hand and closes the hand. Then with the index finger of another hand, he presses the coin. It takes about 5 to 10 seconds. And when he opens his hand there is no coin.

Most of the people consider it as a complicated sort of illusion which they think is impossible for them. But this is not the reality.

Where has the coin gone? It is explained below;

  First Method:

Materials required

  1. A gum stick
  2. A coin of small size

So Where the coin has gone?

Before showing coin trick in front of audience applies gum stick on the back side of your hand. ​

It should be that hand which you will use to hide the coin. Keep in mind that gum stick on the hand should be sufficient to hold the coin.

So what actually happens?

The magician holds the coin in his hand in the way as shown in the video and closes it. Then with the pointer finger of another hand, he presses the coin. Here lies the secret.  

He takes out the coin from his fist with the finger and with the thumb he takes the coin to the back side of hand where he had applied the gum stick.

The magician pretends that he is squeezing the coin, but in fact, there is no coin in the hand. And when opens the hand there is no coin.

Be careful

The magician should be careful while showing hands to the audience that the coin should remain invisible to the public and that it may not fall.

  Second Method:

How is it done?

The magician takes a coin in one hand and passes it to the other hand. And he closes his hand.

After few seconds when he shows his hand there is no coin. Wow, but how this happened?

What is the Secret?

As shown in the video the magician passes the coin from his one hand to other but he actually not transfers it.  

He keeps the coin under his finger and shows as he is transferring coin to other end and suddenly closes his hand. 

He hides the coin in his hand. But it happens so fast that audience could not get the secret. And when he opens his fist there is no coin.


  1. Practice it several times before performing in front of the audience.
  2. Don’t try the same trick in front of the same public as it will be easy for them to judge it.
  3. Don’t tell the secret to others.
  4. It is not a rocket science. Anybody can do it.

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