Mentalist Uri Geller Spoon Bending Trick Revealed!

Mentalist Uri Geller Spoon Bending Trick Revealed!

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Mentalism has been around for centuries and there are many mentalists who have made a lot of contribution in this field. 

There mentalists are performing on the stage for years and Uri Geller is one among them. 

This post is all about his most famous trick “Spoon Bending” that makes him very popular all over the world.

  What is Spoon Bending?

Spoon bending is a technique to deform / bend metal spoons. 

It is a one of the common stage magic and had gained popularity in the 1970s when some people claimed to have the ability to cause such events by supernatural mental power.

The most prominent name first time highlighted was Uri Geller, who bent metal spoons as well as metal keys and several other objects and materials.

Originally Geller is the creator of this trick but later on it is adopted by some other mentalists in the world with different versions.

  The Art behind Spoon Bending:

The trick really amazed me when I watched first time, but when I searched more and more then I came to know how easy it is to perform!

Gather a few spoons from a market and one thing please remember that the CHEAPER it is the better you would perform. The purpose of cheaper spoons would be obvious after some time.

Let’s say you are performing on the stage and you ask a spectator from your audience to hold a spoon so he/she can examine it.

Give one spoon to one person and ask him to examine, when he say OK then take this spoon back and hold it in your hand and pass the second spoon to the other person.

In this way, you can easily verify all of your spoons from your audience.

As soon as you get back your FIRST SPOON then it should be on your back hand and when you gave other spoons to that person then you have created a distraction. Once he/she is examining a spoon then you will bend your spoon that is in your hand using your power and with the help of the table.

To put it differently, the performer pulls the audience's attention away from the spoon that was held in his hand and during this brief moment, he physically bends it.

The typical bend requires your force depending upon the quality of spoon. At the end, the magician gradually reveals the bend to the audience.

I think now you have well understood the purpose of buying cheap spoons from the market.

Cheap spoons take less power and can be bend pretty easily. Don't go for stainless steel as at that moment you have nothing to do but to face really the embarrassment.

I have written this detailed post to grasp it easily and if you are still curious about this then watch this video to learn this mentalism trick.

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