Most Popular Sports That Has A Magical Fans Group!

Sport is one of the most important uses of time in the world. We like to do it because it's fun and healthy. Also, we watch sports In packed stadiums and sports halls or on television and the internet. What are the ten most popular sports in the world when we add together spectators and practitioners? The outcome is sometimes surprising.

1. Baseball (500 million fans)

Baseball, better known worldwide as baseball , was developed in the United States in the 19th century. Early on, the sport started a real craze.  Also, baseball has always been popular in Japan where it invariably attracts the most spectators. For a long time, Americans dominated their sport, but increasingly Asian and South American players are making the switch to the Major League. 

Due to a large number of successful players in the Major League, the popularity of baseball in many Latin American countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic is unprecedented.  Player strikes have not helped the popularity of the sport in the early 1990s. Till now there were more people who searched about baseball online, and also there are lots of books for baseball, get that best baseball  books to read here.

2. American Football (400 million fans)

American Football is the most important sport in the United States in the twentieth century. Not only the professionals but also the NFL, attracts many viewers. The competitions of university teams where the talents of the future play a part are also popular among enthusiasts. The Superbowl, the final match of the NFL, is almost a national holiday. 

The broadcast is invariably one of the best-viewed programs of the year. Outside the US, American Football has never really been able to develop into a popular sport. Only neighbour Canada has a full competition in which the own version of football is played on a slightly larger field and with an extra player.

3. Basketball (400 million fans)

In contrast to Football, the sport has gained a foothold in other countries. Until professional NBA players with a dream team were allowed to participate, the Olympic basketball tournament was therefore often very exciting. Basketball grew into one of the most popular sports in America in the 1980s. 

In particular, the rivalry between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers and their star players Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, respectively, generated unprecedented popularity. The game level of the rest of the world slowly increased and more and more players like Pau Gasol and Dirk Nowitzki from outside America can effortlessly join the NBA. 

4. Golf (450 million fans)

Golf is one of the oldest sports that is still played in its original form. From Scotland, golf slowly grew into an elitist sport. But in the last thirty years, thanks to several superstars such as Jack Nicklaus, "Seve" Ballesteros and Tiger Woods, golf has become a popular viewing sport, both on television and along with the greens. 

Moreover, the number of golf courses worldwide has increased explosively, so that more and more people, also at age, have started to play the sport as relaxation. 

5. Table tennis (850 million fans)

Table tennis is not a popular spectator sport as other sports in the world. But since it has been China's national sport for years, it knows like no other sport a large group of amateur players.  

Thanks to an abundance of talent, the international championships have been dominated by Chinese table tennis players for decades. Sometimes a European knows how to break through hegemony like the Swede Jan-Ove Waldner who became an Olympic champion in 1992.


Baseball is a field sport played by nine players on each team. It is a strategy game in which the team seeks to occupy the four bases of the field after batting the ball thrown by the pitcher. You can also read the best baseball books for knowing more information about baseball.


The match is played on a field formed by a quarter of a circle. The field is divided into four bases, with a distance of 27.3m. The field is mostly grass, except in the grassy base area.

Each baseball team has nine players, which are arranged as follows: pitcher, catcher, 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, Interbase, left gardener, central gardener, and right gardener. 

During the game, one team participates with only one player to hit the balls, while the other comes with nine athletes defending themselves when making the throws.

The game is divided into nine innings, or turns. The game begins when the pitcher throws the ball to pass the batter to the catcher, who is on the same team as the thrower. If the batter hits the ball, he must run to the bases.

To prevent the point, team players must catch the ball and play towards the athletes on their team. If the opposing athlete can travel through all four bases, the point is counted.

If the player bounces the ball out of the stadium, it is considered a home run, which is worth one point. When the point is not marked, the hitter is replaced. After three substitutions, the inning is terminated and the defending team attacks.

The game may end in the fourth or fifth inning if the advantage is greater than or equal to 15 points. In the sixth or seventh inning, the game may be terminated if the difference is greater than or equal to ten points. 

Since an inning is completed only in the event of three elimination, a baseball match has a variable duration and can last up to four hours. If the game is tied at the end of the ninth inning, extra innings will be made until a winner is determined.

What is the equipment required to play baseball?

Ball - It is made of rubber or cork, its size can vary from 10 to 40 centimeters. A baseball has to weigh 142 grams, exactly. Its lifespan is quite short, lasting just over seven releases in an official match.

Club - The club can be made of wood or aluminum and can weigh from 850g to 1kg. The average length is 1 meter. In professional competitions, wooden clubs are used, as they are usually the ones that are homologated for this type of dispute.

Glove - It serves to protect the hand of the receiver. It can be made of leather or synthetic materials. There are also gloves made for batting so that the player has better control over the club.

Mask and breastplate - These are the equipment that covers the face and body of the receiving player. They should also be used by the head referee.

Cap - It is required for defensive players which aim to avoid reception errors due to strong sunlight or even the brightness of the reflectors.

Helmet - It is used by the attacking player, as the athlete usually does not notice when the ball is circling the field.

Shin Guards - These are used to protect the shins and knees of athletes at the base. They are made of flexible and resistant materials for the athlete to have mobility during the match.

Footwear - Players wear special shoes called cleats, with special spikes to grip the ground. It is used for both players starting a race and looking for the balls. This way, no athlete skids when making a move.

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