Pin Code Magic Trick Revealed! (How Do Mentalists Guess Numbers?)

Many people still get stunned by these mentalist playing tricks. Mind reading tricks are common.

However, to make them smooth and doubtless is a tough job. Being a mentalist requires you to have confidence and the knowledge of these tricks.

While you are trying to play these tricks with your friends, you need to learn it first.

Do you know what is a pin code trick? It is another basic magic trick that mentalists know how to play. You can also learn to play that.

However, it may seem easy and basic but it is not that much. Let's discuss how to do a pin code magic trick. Right now we are learning how to predict the pin code on the iphone.

While you see a friend, who has an iphone, and you want to have some fun, play this trick. Follow thee steps properly, and do not miss out on any of it.

  Step One

Take the phone from your friend. Tell hin you can predict the password. Note his reaction. Challenge him you can do it.

When he steps ahead and challenges you back to do it. This is when the real trick starts. All you need to do it to hand him the phone back.

But before that, you will know that the iphone has a shortcut of the calculator. While the phone is locked, open the calculator from the shortcut. Now hand him back the phone.

  Step Two

Now, ask him to think of any number. Tell him to think of the number and do not tell you what number he is thinking of. The number can have as many digits as he wants.

Ask the friend to enter the number in the calculator. Once the number is entered in the calculator, you need to ask the friend, to multiply it with the code. Also, ask your friend beforehand the total number of digits that the pin code has.

You can also do one thing. Tell the numbers yourself and ask him to multiply to the pin code. Now you are almost at the end of the trick.

  Step Three 

Now, you need to tell your friend that you know the pick code, even when you do not.

So, how will you know?

Don’t worry you will find out. But create some suspense before you reveal it. 

So, gain his confidence and try to tell him that you now know the digit of the pin.

Once you have gained the trust of him, and your friend is completely under your influence, you need to move further.

  Step Four

Now take the phone where the display is the number after multiplication. Turn it towards you, And do one thing.

What will you do? All you need to do is to press 1 and then the sign of is equals to. Voila! Here you will see the number of passcodes.

But the thing is, do you remember the number of the digit in the passcode was six, and now there are only 5? Where did you go wrong?

Don’t worry. It is super easy and you can determine is pretty efficiently. If there are 5 numbers instead of 6, all you need to do is to press zero at the start. Likewise, if there are two digits missing, add two zeros and more.

This is the evergreen magic trick that works always. Your friend will be stunned to see, how easily you predicted the password.

But make sure you keep it to yourself and do not discuss it will other people. Moreover, it is great trick to do it with friends. But if you do it with strangers, you may be in trouble. Keep it to you and your family and enjoy this little trick.

This trick may be seen as easy, which it is. But you need to ace it with practice before trying with your friends.

You also need to persuade them with your confidence talking. This will let them lie under your spell and you will be the king then (pun intended).

Enjoy some time with your friends doing some magic tricks. But the thing is, these magic tricks take some mentalism and mentalistic approach.

If you are interested in it, you need to learn it properly, with some experts to learn easy, stunning, and incredible tricks.

Your audience will love your tricks ad will enjoy them a lot. You can also learn a lot of other tricks to play with your friends. These tricks are usually mind-bending.

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