Writing a Good Advertising Text: 9 Magical Tips

Here are a few magical tips to write a text like essay, research paper, thesis, advertising text, etc. Keep reading to know more about the writing tips.

1. Know who you write for

Wait a while before you start writing the advertising text. First, think carefully for whom you actually do it. Are they doctors, families with children, animal lovers? The more specific you can formulate your target group, the better. You can then take into account the form of address, tone and style and the content of your advertising text.

2. Write from customer benefits

Logical that you are enthusiastic about your technically advanced product, about that advanced software, about your special 360-degree model service. But remember: what does that mean for the customer? What does it benefit him or her? Write your text from the customer and name the properties of your product or services based on the benefits for him or her. Otherwise, you are only talking about product characteristics and ultimately nobody gets excited (except you).

3. Name the biggest benefit first

The biggest advantage of your product or service is your main argument. Add one or two more and you're done. Less is more!

4. Spend the most time at the head

The header of your advertising text is what you should spend 80% of your time on. Advertising icon and top copywriter David Ogilvy said it: "If you have written your headline, you have already spent eighty cents of your advertising euro." Well, he was probably talking about dollars instead of euros, but the scope is clear. You need the headline to attract attention, arouse interest, and make your message clear.

5. Come with proof!

It is not entirely clear how many advertisements we receive per day, but it is certain that there are many. Logical that most people are critical of advertising texts. Also yours. Lyrical incentives for your product or service look at your target group with distrust. Unless you provide credible evidence. In the form of statistics, reviews, an expert who endorses your opinion. Make sure that a consumer does not have to believe you with your blue eyes.

6. Use magic words

Writing a good advertising text is a craft, not magic. That does not mean that you can use magic words. Magic words are words that are so strong that they take the short route to the reptile brain of your potential customer. Examples: 'you or you', 'because' and 'imagine that'. One of the most powerful magic words is "because," because people always want a reason for what they do.

7. Process a sin

Do you know the seven deadly sins from the Catholic Church? They are full of temptations that people have a hard time resisting: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, revenge or laziness. A clever copywriter seduces his target group with at least one of these sins in his advertising text.

8. Clear, clear and short

Keep it:

  • Bright
  • Clearly
  • Short

Just like me in this paragraph 

9. Always end with a call-to-action

If you do not want something, it is that readers of your advertising text think after reading: good story, but what now? If you want something done from them (and you want it, otherwise you don't write advertising text), you'll have to ask them to take action.

  • Request a quote now.
  • Order today.
  • Contact us immediately.
  • Download the free pdf.
  • Call us now.

Make your call-to-action extra striking by adding urgency to it (only today!) Or using magic words (free, new, especially for you!).

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