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The Double Lift Card Trick, commonly known as Double turnover, is the most basic trick any expert magician should know. It is one of the foundational moves to play cards.

It requires nimbleness of fingers which is a skill need for all illusionists. Magicians actually pick up two cards at a time, but it appears as though he has raised only one card. Then he shows the top card to the viewers who are actually viewing the second card.

How To Become Expert To Do Double Lift?

Everybody can become expert to do double lift, but some simple techniques are required which are explained below;

  1. Arrange the deck of cards appropriately.
  2. Place your finger under the first two cards.
  3. Push cards slightly with your thumb so that it becomes easy for you to lift.
  4. Now lift the first two cards in such a way that it appears that you have elevated only one card.
  5. Show the top card to the viewers who are actually viewing the second card.
  6. Place these cards back on deck.
  7. Now lift the card which is actually the first card.
  8. Obviously, it will be different from the card which you had shown first, but to viewers, it will appear as though you magically changed the card suit.

So by this uncomplicated and easy trick, you can surprise your viewers who are actually unaware of it.

The video is given below so that it becomes easy for you guys to understand the steps given above.You can easily see that the technique is only to lift two cards at once just to misguide the people.

Types Of Double Lift

There a few different types of methods for completing this trick. Depending on your skill level you can choose the one that works best for you. Mentioned below are the types, or you can say the different ways to do double lift which have the fewer chances of to be caught by the audience.

1.Push Off Double Lift

It is the double lift which is explained before in the video. It seems more natural and unpredictable to the audience as it's difficult for them to judge. But it requires a lot of practice. A person must have a practice of few months before performing in front of an audience.

If a person is not suitably trained the break in the cards may be pointed out by the audience, or he may be failed to do double lift properly. When properly trained there is little chance of error or two cards may be misaligned.

2. Basic Double Lift

It’s a fundamental step to practice double lift for those people who are interested in becoming an expert but they have never practiced it before. But it doesn't look as natural compared to other techniques.

3. The Double Turnover

It somewhat seems natural and is also a good technique for initiators of double lift. It just involves turning over the two cards on the deck of cards rather than lifting them up and then placing them back to their positions as before. This technique is a bit more preferred by experts.

4. 2-Card Pushover

It’s a safe method among all four types in the sense that it becomes difficult for people to judge the scam attempted by the magician. This method is the same as a double turnover. It is the most natural of all types.

Which One Is The Best Method?

2-Card Pushover and Double lift are the two approaches that are commonly used by most experts. But between these two methods, 2-Card Pushover is the best method considering it works best under high stress and is less susceptible to errors.