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Best Places To Become a Mentalist

1. 13 Steps to Mentalism

13 Steps To Mentalism Review

13 Steps to Mentalism uncovered most of the secrets and nearly all the mentalists consider this book as an important resource in this field. I recommend everyone to get this book and master 13 steps to become a mentalist. 

Apart from this book, there are other very useful books out there in this field and if you wanted to get more knowledge and fun then please visit my complete list of best books on this topic

2. Master Mentalism 

Master Mentalism is the world's best place to uncover secrets to: Mind Reading, Street Magic, Card Tricks, Hypnotism, Spoon Bending, Illusions, Remote Viewing & Much, Much More!

This program works on helping a total newbie first learn the basics, understand them fully and then get to put them into practice.

From there, a bit more harder skills are then revealed and when it is all well understood, the extremely hardcore stuff, which many self claiming magicians have never gotten their minds to really grasp.


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