How to Make an Elephant Appear? Magic Trick Revealed!

Welcome friends. Today we will see how to make an elephant appear from somewhere.

It looks impossible because it’s an elephant of almost five tons, not a pencil or any other small thing.

The magician performs this illusion among the spectators which are obviously surprising. 

For performing this trick, the magician has needed a lot of people. But it is still confusing that how is it possible.

To get its secret, you have to see step by step. So let’s have a look for this so called a miracle.

Material to be needed

  1. An open ground
  2. An elephant
  3. Two large sheets
  4. A huge crowd of public

  How is it look?

For performing this trick, the magician selects a wide and bright place so that people can easily watch that there is no any truck or any other secret box where there are chances of having an elephant. Everything is cut and clear.

First of all, magician gathers the volunteers to witness the magic.

And arrange them in a circle around two large sheets and leaves only the space for camera man and his other team workers. 

Then he asks his assistances to pick up the sheets and form a box that is close from three sides especially from the front.

And after sometime when he orders to lower the sheets the audience gets surprised to watch the elephant.

Wow, but how is it done? What is the secret behind it?

  Find out the mystery:

The secrets in this trick are

  1. The spectators standing there are all part of this trick.
  2. The purpose of standing them in a circle is only to pretend that the ground is free from elephants.
  3. There is an area in the ground where there are plants and trees and is a dense area. But you will be surprised to hear that it is created to distract the audience and to prevent their attention from going there.
  4. This all is created to hide an elephant. Because if there is standing a truck or some kind of box, then it becomes easy for the audience to judge that there is an elephant in it.
  5. While performing at the camera shows the only front side of the sheet.

  So how is it actually done?

As the spectators are involved in it, so it is easy to perform.

As the camera focuses only front side, so assistances of the magician brings out the elephant from the secret place and make it stand in the middle of sheets and completely close them.

Finally, magician gives instructions to drop the sheets and audience can see the elephant.


  1. Hide the elephant completely so that the audience can’t see it.
  2. Hiding place should look natural to misguide the people.
  3. The camera should make the view from the front only.
  4. Hold the sheets firmly otherwise your trick will be failed.

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