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If you are considering working with Mike Madigan Numerologist, but you aren't completely sold yet, this article will help.

This program says that it will help you know yourself better. It will get you to understand all the things that have been happening and the reason behind these events, help you in your relationships, help you with your financial life, and promising general happiness.

But does it really offer all the great things it claims to? Is it legit or a hoax?

Product NameNumerologist
OwnerMike Madigan
PricingFree & Paid Packages

Because of the internet we have access to so much more knowledge. Anything we want to explore can be found online.

Ancient practices, magic, wizardry, mediums and all other interesting methods that seemingly appear impossible can be found online.

There are countless schemers online who spend time making up scam systems to steal from people who genuinely want to learn. As someone who was almost scammed online I wanted to take the time to review legitimate programs people can learn from.

What is Numerologist?

This is a medium like a system that says it will help you connect all the dots in your life. They say that you can use numbers and the events that have happened in your life to learn more of your life.

The company says it will help you boost the value of different areas of your life like in business and personal success, relationships, understanding your life energies, getting to comprehend your ideal character and personality, and the talents you have but yet to discover.

Basically, you are told that most of your life will be brought to light for you to know how best to live and how to ensure you are happy and at peace.

About Mike Madigan

This program was founded by a numerologist called Mike Madigan. He has been dealing with online reports for numerology a very long time now. He has experience with reading your life and making predictions for your future. He also has a team of other mediums and numerologists that help in other areas.

Going by the reviews I have seen about Numerologist, he seems to really know his stuff.

How Does it Work?

If you are a big fan of horoscope and divination, then you will enjoy numerology. This is a more detailed method when it comes to the readings. You will get reports about your life in detail. The reports mostly come in 70 to 100 pages. You decide specific areas of focus in order to get what you desire out of the readings.

Step 1 – Receive Your First Reading for Free

You are given the first reading for free once your account is created. With this, you will also get a personalized reading that works with your name and the exact date of your birth.

On top of that, you will be taught the simple yet important basic information about numerology which you can apply in your life. Here, the 3 main numbers of this practice which are Soul Urge, Expression, and Life Path will be boiled down for you and calculated to help you see the idea behind the success of the system.

During this program you will also be taught how to apply these numbers to your life.

Step 2 – Get More Important Lessons on Numerology

After you have had your first reading done and have learned a few things concerning your life, you will receive deeper lessons sent via email. The lessons tackle advanced things related to divination, personal growth, and how they interlink with numerology.

Step 3 – Get Guidance and Help With What You Want

The teachers encourage you to be very specific with your needs as this is what contributes the success of this technique.

You have to know what your real desires are. This will require searching your soul. But you are told that the folks at Numerologist are also willing to help you search yourself and help you get direction in life if you don't know where to start.

They will help you identify the things in your life you are most likely to succeed, the actual dreams which can help you in life and even show you the things that will bring true fulfillment.

There are also blogs which are written which can come in handy in this particular section. They are written by people who are well known in careers like astrology, personal success, tarot, and numerology.

What is Included in the System?

You are going to get numerous products in Numerologist. They have been categorized according to their purpose. The main products you will find inside the system are:

• The Chinese Numerology Report – This deals with the inner energies and self that exist in your life. You will know them and understand how to work them right using a technique that was used in China about 4,000 years ago.

• Premium Numerology Report – This is the report I was telling you about. It goes for about a hundred pages and will give you a comprehensive look into your life.

• Custom Personality Report – This goes in even more length of your personality. Things you don't understand about yourself as well as those you do.

• Love Compatibility Report – This one addresses what the title suggests, love and romance. It helps you define you and your partner in the relationship you are in.

• A Whole Year Forecast – This makes the forecast of your life. Just like weather news, you will be getting updates on your life as to when to prepare yourself for disasters and happiness.

• Life and Success Snapshot – This gets into the financial aspect. It will be of great help when you are wondering when you will get a salary increase or how successful you are likely to be with your new ventures in the entrepreneurship world.

These reports and forecasts have been given in specific programs you can find in the “products” page of the system. You will just have to decide which specific one is the best match for you and use that one.

Who is it For?

This is for anyone who wishes to learn numerology and related fields like divination, tarot, and others. If you really believe in life energies and predictions, this program can help you learn even more and show you how to get better at it. You will also be up to date with your future.

Pros and Cons:

The Pros

• You will receive your first report without any charges to help you see how good the readings really are.

• You will get very detailed reports which actually fill more than 80 pages of information about you only.

• Some of the users have said that things are or have happened just like the numerologists said they would.

• You will get a 60 days long guarantee for the packages you choose to secure you as you use them.

• The reports you get are super fast and you don't have to remain in suspense for days or weeks. After giving your information, you should see them in the mail after a few minutes.

The Cons

• If you don't like reading material and prefer video learning, this might not be for you. There are hundreds of pages you will be reading if you choose to be using it.

• If you are religious, this may not serve to be helpful to you as the practices here are not allowed in some religions.

• The reports are only gotten online. You cannot order physical copies to keep on your shelf or study resources.

Final Verdict:

I appreciate the fact that company is ethical as it gives everything it promises and in the exact way it has claimed.

This kind of honesty is not easy to stumble upon online. I also love the fact that their results are fast and in depth. So you get what you want the way you want it, and even faster.

Final Verdict – Legit!