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The Red Hammer Trick works like a test. Please remember to answer straight away. Don't start thinking about it; just say what comes to your mind at first sight.

red hammer trick

Follow the calculation and scroll down to the next number after each calculation. Do not move forward until you have done the last one.

You don't need to write your answers or save them. Just calculate it and saying your answer loudly.


What is 2 + 2?”






Fast! Now think out a Color, and Tool…  

Now scroll down for the answer


Further down…  …..

Just a little bit more…


Was it? …

98% of the people would answer in this way and only 2% would think out something else. 

If you correctly replied to any half of the above responses (i.e.: either color RED, or device HAMMER), you belong to 98% of those with the same answers! 


If you have selected YELLOW–you are light, optimistic, satisfied and likely to affect your choice during this study.

You are attentive, contemplative, likely in a thought / reflexive state just before this exam, if you picked BLUE.

You have been in an inspired, imaginative mood when you choose GREEN, or you had just had a conversation or brain-storm before you were checking it.

You were probably a little uptick, confused, or slightly hardened during the test if you chose SCREWDRIVER, SPANNER (or any' turn-in' tool).

When you choose CLIPPERS, SCISSORS and CUTTERS–it's a realistic and effective way to get things done, you're / were in a strategic' mood.'

You are a utilitarian who likes the application of technology or device to advance your ideas or work if you have chosen MECHANIC TOOL (drill, chainsaw, machine based or mechanized tool etc.).

The Red-hammer check, preamble, basic equations of arithmetic and verbal interjections imply little, but all of them together pull the audience into a concentrated scenario except others, something like cognitive disarmament to brace for the question “Fast, think of a Color / tool.”

Statistically, 98% would be saying “red / hammer” in such a scenario and has nothing to do with a favorite color or device for a man.

The number is the deceptive 2%. Any other apparently disparate pairing of objects should have a comparable result statistically; for instance, “Quick-think of a pet and make of a car” might lead to Ford / dog.

Why people should choose RED HAMMER?

The fact that it's framed as a task you have to complete over time causes' handbook ‘ symbols. (A hammer is more “handbook” than a film or even a wrench).

It is consistent with a hammer's work to use the term' fast.' You reached it hard.

Red is a shade that's very “emotional.” We also adapted in order to identify the blood as other poisonous plants and animals, likely because the red blood. If I were to tell you to talk of “fast” color, it could always be first because it is symbolic of our DNA.

Yet remember this: At the end of the WW1 soldiers wear helmet made of cloth; head injuries were heavy and treatment long, as a vivid illustration of how estimates could be entirely wrong.

Thus, the tin helmet was adopted–and the amount of head injuries increased rapidly and confusingly. This meant statistically that the tin helmets were less secure and meaningless than cloth headgear.

Someone finally realized that fatalities before tin-hat had been just fatalities with no categorization of cause; so of course, tin-hats caused head-injury casualties to grow because fewer of them died.

The above example proves that the Red hammer game is just based on the illusion.

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