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For many, mentalism is a mind-bending art that seems impossible to master. It is impressive to see performed, but many may want to try their hand at this feat. It can be tricky to figure out where to learn mentalism since it is unique and abstract.

Learning mentalism can come from a variety of locations, from in-person classes to studying professional acts online. Whatever your preferred learning style, there is a way for you to master this art that suits you and assists you in dissecting and understanding the art.

Keep on reading to learn about every way that you can go about learning mentalism. It is critical to understand each one of them so that you can keep your doorway open for all of the possibilities for your training.

where Can I Learn Mentalism?

Mentalism can be learned in many places, both conventional and unconventional. Many tools can help you comprehend this unique and mind-bending act. In no time, you will be able to dazzle everybody that you know.

The following ways that you can learn mentalism are very diverse. There are different ways that students learn new skills, and chances are that one of these will work for you. The most important thing to remember is that practice makes perfect.

You Can Learn on Your Television Or Computer

Although this method can take a little bit longer, you can learn mentalism by studying professionals on your television. This technique works best if you already know how the tricks work on stage. You can then note their actions and movements, imitating them until you have reached magical perfection.

Some of the most famous mentalists that have been on the television include:

  • Max Maven
  • Richard Osterlind
  • Marc Salem
  • Gerry McCambridge

You might tune into their performances, whether on live television or through videos that exist of their acts on YouTube. By taking in how they do things, you can start to get an idea of what being a mentalist entails.

Studying the greats is a great starting point and an excellent way to hone your act once you have the tricks mastered. There is always something that you will learn from those who have spent their lives using mentalism to stun and amaze.

You Can Learn in a Library

There is always the old-fashioned way of learning. Libraries have all of the information that you need, compacted inside of hard and softcover books. All you need is a library card and the ability to get through the front door.

Inside of a library, you can find novels that cover all kinds of topics based on mentalism. These can be filled with anything, from:

  • Techniques for performing in front of an audience
  • Skills you need to know for mastering the art of mentalism
  • Advice that comes from those who have taken up the act as a career or professional hobby

You might look up the books that your local library has before you register yourself for a card if you do not have one. There is an online catalog that has a database of everything that the place has in stock. It will even let you know if the books you want have been checked out. You can place yourself on a waitlist or request it from another location.

Libraries are jam-packed with information. It might seem out of date, but it is an excellent place to gain knowledge. Mentalists old and young have a history in the library. Not to mention, this might be a grand place to put your new skills to the test.

You Can Learn from a Mentor

If you have personal contact with a professional mentalist, take advantage of that. Any one-on-one experience you might be able to obtain with someone who knows what they are doing can be valuable.

Even if you are not that close, you can always reach out to smaller performers and ask them for advice on the craft. Though they might not respond, there is a chance that they might. Then you could:

  • Achieve an inside look at the world of a mentalist
  • Understand what this performance art takes
  • Learn how difficult it is overall to complete in front of others

A mentor is a traditional way of learning things. It is also one that has stood the test of time and will continue to prove a powerful method of learning for a long, long time. Though mentors are few and far between, it will not hurt to seek one out. Make sure you approach them in a manner that is not creepy or rude.

You Can Learn in a Class

Believe it or not, there are a ton of mentalism classes that exist in the world. They can be taken in one go or broken up into multiple sessions. Typical classes range anywhere from half an hour to a few hours. You can decide what will fit into your schedule.

Classes can be taken:

  • Online, in a class that you pay for or in a free format that provides you with limited knowledge
  • In-person, which is more common in big-city location such as New York or Los Angeles
  • With a group of people, which can happen in either the in-person or online format
  • All by yourself, with a one-on-one tutor, or in a class that does not have a set teacher

Whatever the method, you will go to an instructor who will advise you on your abilities. There are a lot of benefits to taking a class with another live person, particularly with other people. You can get live feedback and you can practice as you learn. These are invaluable benefits that you will not get by yourself.

Even if you are afraid to learn this skill in front of others, it does not hurt to give it a shot. It will make you braver, more confident, and benefit you in the long run. After all, mentalism is an art that deals with people. It is what is at the very core of this act.

You Can Learn Online

As with most items in our modern-day and age, learning online is the most effective way to take on dissecting mentalism. There is an abundance of tutorials, advice, and even gear that can help you become comfortable with this brand-new act.

Try looking for:

  • Blog posts focused on mentalism, filled with how-to advice that can guide you
  • Videos with instruction on how to become a mentalist from masters of the art
  • Tutorials that can help you take your first steps and push you forward on your way

You can also use the internet to buy items that can assist you in both performing and learning. Free and purchasable advice is unlimited. Any question that you search for will have an answer written out in easy to understand language.

The only downside of learning online is that you cannot practice with others. To master the technique, you must get yourself in front of people to put the act into action. Mentalism is nothing without an audience to read.


Mentalism is an amazing performance art that can dazzle an audience of thousands, if not millions. It may seem hard to learn, but many methods can help a budding performer master this unique act.

From online sources to in-person classes, it is easy to start the journey of refining mentalism. The real challenge comes in whether the performer is willing to practice all of the skills that they have learned to perfection.