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T'here are lots of different options out there for magicians to choose from when selecting a deck of cards to use for magic tricks. The quality can vary quite a bit. In this article, I'll share what I believe are the 12 best cards for magic in 2021.

A magician will always prefer to choose that deck of card which will be easy to handle, shuffle, and throw. Therefore, you'll want to try them out and see which one is actually the best for you. Here is the list.

  1. SWE cards
  2. Bicycle 52 Proof
  3. Sleepers’ cards
  4. Ellutionist FATHOM Playing cards
  5. Bumble Bee Playing cards
  6. Bicycle Black Ghost Playing Deck
  7. Pipmen Playing Cards
  8. Theory 11 Union Playing cards
  9. Joker and the Thief
  10. Ice Plastic Playing deck
  11. Magic Makers Orange Reversed Deck Bicycle Playing Cards
  12. Prism Night Playing Cards

Let’s hit them one by one.


The Expert at the Card Table

These cards used for magic were invented by the author of a book titled, The Expert at the Card Table in 1902, named SW Erdnase.

This book aided the people to understand basic magic tricks, nimbleness of fingers by the magicians. So we can call this book a primary guideline for the magicians.  

But it remained a secret that the writer of the book was a magician or a swindler. The cards have green and golden color which is the exact copy of book front.  

These cards are not easily available compared to others because of limited edition. And these cards are published by USPCC.


So if we look at its positive site then;

  • Cards have Colorful and dynamic print
  • Easy to use
  • Limited printing
  • It is double sided card


  • Not easily available

2 – Bicycle 52 Proof

best cards for magic

These cards were introduced in about 1885 published by USPCC (United States playing card Company). 

A good magician will always prefer bicycle 52 proof deck for their performances because of its attractive, old style print. 

It is very easy to control such cards during performance because these are very hard and have good outline. The pattern on cards is quite simple and easy to understand.


  • Hard and strong
  • Simple pattern
  • Easy to read


  • Few of the cards lack gold foil

3 – Sleeper’s cards

Sleepers are among the good quality cards as they have sharp and clear outline, invented by the Oban Jones based on the idea given by the Daniel Madison.

These cards are hard that are easy to handle to show different magic tricks. The pattern on the cards is an example of great art work.

These cards are expensive and hard to find because of its limited availability and publication. There is no green coloration in them. So they are different from other cards.


  • Fine and smooth to touch
  • Different from other cards
  • Easy to use


  • Little bit expensive

4 – Ellutionist FATHOM Playing Cards

One credit that goes to these cards is that these are sketched with the magicians in mind. The cards exhibit an oceanic idea drawn from Jules Verne’s novel 20000 Leagues under the Sea.

The Ellutionist FATHOM playing cards are actually paper material not plastic or anything else and are of good quality. The deck is printed by the USPCC and has soft touch which helps the magicians in their performances.

The cards have beautiful color like sea water and easy to read. These are double sided and can be shuffled easily. The corners are very fine and have proper sequence.


  • Specially made for the magicians
  • Nice pattern and design
  • Easy to read and use
  • Good finishing


  • Made of paper

5 – Bumble Bee Playing Cards

The design printed on the bumble bee cards is basically selected after being inspired by the bees.

And it has been decided to donate 10% of the profit by these cards on saving population of bees through IUCN as bees are the source of honey (making the world sweet).

The card design is finalized by the card players, magicians and con persons. Unique and attractive design of the cards has the long term impact on your mind.

The cards are of high quality, having good finishing, specifically designed for the magicians, with a soft touch.


  • Eye-catching antique print
  • Specifically made for the magicians
  • Are of very good quality


  • Its little bit tough to read numbers on a card

6 – Bicycle Black Ghost Playing Cards

The cards have a decent and simple look. These are black in color with the red color in the hearts.

The cards are of high quality, have good finishing and are hard thus having long life timing.


  • Very nice look
  • Elegant and decent
  • Easy to use


  • Outer cover box is not so impressive (design is normal)

7 – Pipmen Playing Cards

If you are looking for the cards that should be different, unique, beautiful and interesting then you must go for Pipmen deck.

You will be surprised to know that all cards are different from one another and every card is more beautiful than the other. So we can never neglect even a single card.

Children will be specifically attracted by these and if you spend your time with your relatives while playing with them it will be a great fun.

There is no compromise on the cards quality along with its design. The card is made of 310GSM Black Core European stuff and casino grade designs have been used. The card can withstand moisture for long duration and cause no difficulty in shuffling.

I assure you that it will be a great present and the receiver will surely be happy and appreciate you for such nice gift after watching its look and quality. It has very smooth touch that helps in sleight of hand.


  • Very different and unique design than the other cards
  • Have 310GSM stuff
  • Can withstand moisture


  • Costly as compared to others

8 – Theory11 Union Playing Card Deck

This deck is a true reflection of history of United States. So any American who is true nationalist, this deck is for him. If we talk about its quality it is prepared from FSC Certified paper.

The cards have good quality, finishing and thus helps the magicians in their performances. The purchase rate is reasonable.


  • Made of FSC certified paper material
  • Available in reasonable price
  • Having Good quality
  • Reminds American history


  • All cards do not have print on them (only cover box, and front have pattern on them)

9 – Joker and the Thief

The edition of the card has a beautiful combination of white and Gold and there is hot foil impression on both sides of the card. The Inventor Of the joker and the thief have particularly designed them.

For the magicians, people who love to gather cards, card trick Performers etc. the cards are made of casino-grade paper material

And because of their good quality they have long life timing. They have covering of linen to enhance its durability. The cost is high compared to others but I think the price is reasonable if you are getting such a nice item.


  • Specifically designed for the magicians
  • New print on cards
  • Long lasting


  • Expensive than others

10 – Ice Plastic Playing Deck

The ice plastic bicycle cards are also product of bicycle and like other cards they are also prepared with the help of good stock material. The cards are hard and shiny and thus are durable.

The cards have good finishing and thus easy to perform magic by the magicians. The cards are made of polyvinyl chloride plastic.

It will be a best option for family game. Each deck will have 52 cards along with 2 jokers. These cards are somewhat wider than others keeping in mind its quality.

It’s very easy to mix up the cards and throw on the table. The ice plastic cards are considered perfect for different games played in gaming clubs like blackjack, baccarat, bridge and many more.

The cards have black and green color and have only about 0.7 pounds weigh.  As the name and print indicate the cards carry the idea of ice.


  • Have Shiny look
  • Best quality
  • Made of plastic
  • Card is hard enough


  • It is costly

11 – Magic Makers Orange Reversed Deck Bicycle

This is one more gorgeous collection by the bicycle. The cards are of bright orange color with the combination of white in between.

If we discuss its quality then it is same as other bicycle cards are (hard, sturdy, shiny, easy to shuffle, good option for the magicians to show sleight of hand).

With this pack of cards you will also receive some extra cards like double face card, double backed card and 2 jokers.


  • High quality
  • Sturdy
  • Proper finishing
  • Proper finishing
  • You will be given some extra cards as well


  • One should be able to use the other cards

12 – Prism Night Playing Cards

This deck of card carries the signature colors of rainbow and presents an amazing look. The colors are very bright and draw a person attention towards itself. The cards are glittery and thick.

A person enjoys while playing with the prism night playing cards. Each card has an additional coating of gloss and when light falls on the card the rainbow colors look prettier than before.


  • Full of rainbow colors
  • Highly shiny cards
  • No compromise on the quality
  • Under light look more beautiful


  • Expensive


In this article I tried to remain impartial in giving you information about different cards. My main focus was on the people opinion about the cards that used them and the company record.

I give you almost all important detail about the quality, material and design of the cards. Now it’s up to you which card suits you more.

Before your card selection makes it clear that which deck of card is best for what type of magic tricks, maybe there will be a card print that attracts you more than other designs.

You have a long list of cards so take decision after proper thinking.