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Throwing cards is a basic magic trick used by many mentalists. There are three methods you can use to throw playing cards. Like anything practice will help you master these techniques. Practice will also help you narrow down which method works best for you.

Throwing In Frisbee Style

1. Hold Cards Appropriately

There is a proper way to keep the cards which are explained below.

Your thumb should be in front of the card and index finger on the top of the left corner which will be close to your thumb with other fingers on the back of the card. It will help to grip and throw your card quickly. This holding technique is commonly known as “The Ferguson Grip “named after a famous card player.

2. Curl Your Wrist

Move the side of the card which is closed to you and touch it to your wrist. The purpose of doing this step is to provide some extra energy by the flick of the wrist and will be helpful in throwing the card.

3. Suddenly Move Wrist Forward

Extend your arm in the forward direction in such a way that it is leveled on the ground and will aid in propelling card.

4. Release The Card

Set your target and hit it by your cards by releasing them.

5. Arm Movement

Initially when you are not master in throwing cards move your
Wrist only instead of an arm but when you are confident enough that now you can throw your cards properly, then you can also move your arm to give some more speed to the cards.

6. Set a Target

At an early stage, for practicing set a target and throw cards on that target it will prove fruitful.The target may be a wall of cubes or blocks or any other depending on you.

Throwing Overhand

1. Grip The Card Properly For Toss

How you hold the card depends on you that which style suits you best and is easy for you, so it’s up to you. I will prefer Ferguson style as it is easy and explained above. But you can try other ways as well that may be suit you best.

2. Curve Your Wrist And Wind Your Arm Up Over Your Shoulder

It’s same as you throw a ball while playing cricket and it demands the engagement of your whole body. First, raise your arm and bring it close to your head. Now bend your wrist downward towards your arm and then move your arm forward with speed.

3. Release The Card

Now release the card when your arm is parallel to the ground.

Using Your Thumb

1. Hold The Deck In Your Hand

If you want to throw the cards by using your thumb, then grip the hold deck with the long side of cards parallel to the hand and short side at 90-degree to your body.
Keep your thumb on the deck because it will support you in throwing cards.

2. Move Your Thumb Forward Quickly

Now push the cards on the front side with the help of thumb instead of throwing them downward so care must be taken. If you spray water on your thumb before practicing it will be helpful.

3. It Demands Practice

All the steps discussed above seem to be easy, but it requires a lot of practice. Not of days but the training of months before performing in front of an audience.


For improving your skill the best way is to set up the wall of cubes or blocks and hit the cards on that wall. With the passage of time, you will achieve it and can serve as a mentor.