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If you are a fan of magic or mentalism you know about David Blaine. He performs interesting tricks and he can often be found on TV. One of his most memorable tricks is placing a card inside an orange. That pretty much sums it up, but yes he puts a card inside a full unpeeled orange. Below you can find the steps and necessary preparations to make the card in orange trick a success.

More about how it's done.

In this trick, the magician selects a card from the deck and shows it to the audience. He then tears this card into small pieces and throws them. He finishes the trick by taking out the same card from the orange after having just destroyed it.

It seems impossible, but I will explain to you how is this possible. Just like other tricks, it is simple and only requires a seasoned illusionist. It's a trick anyone can learn with time and patience. Practice makes perfect!

What you need:

  1. An orange
  2. A plate
  3. Knife
  4. Glue stick
  5. Pen or pencil
  6. Deck of cards

  1. Prepare the Orange

The first step is to take an orange and prepare it to show your illusion. Select the orange that has a stem still attached. Remove this stem carefully with the knife. Now with the help of a pen or pencil make a deep hole inside the orange in which the card can be fiit easily inside.

  2. Fold the Card

Take the card which you have to put in the orange. Tear it from one corner. Fold the remaining piece tightly along the long sides and then bend it. Insert it in the orange from the hole. Push it with the pen and make sure that now it is invisible.

  3. Paste the stem

After putting the card in the orange apply the glue on the hole and around it to attach the stem. Leave it for ten to fifteen minutes until the stem is fixed properly.

  4. Select the Card

Here lies the secret. You should have two identical cards. One card is inside the orange and the other in the deck. Hold the deck of cards in your hand and card piece which was the part of the card (in the orange). But it should not be visible to the public.

Shuffle the cards in such a way that the same card comes to the top and you select it. You don’t need the remaining cards so place them aside. Tear the card which you have chosen and carefully mix these card pieces with the piece you have already in your hand.

Show your audience that you are randomly selecting a piece of the torn card, but actually, you will select the piece from the card inside the orange. Discard the remaining pieces to withdraw the attention of the audience.

Tell the public that you will take out its remaining part from inside the orange.

 5. Cut the Orange

Finally cut the orange from the center and the public will be shocked to see the card inside the orange. Open it up and show to the public that it is the remaining part of that piece.

Tips for Success

  1. Remove the stem from the orange carefully that it looks natural.
  2. Paste the stem and make sure that it will not fall while performing.
  3. Hide the piece of the card in your hand, and it should be invisible.

Final thoughts

Mentalism is all about gaining the trust and attention of the audience, learning how to draw and direct their attention accordingly, and lastly, how to prepare accordingly. Anyone can learn these tricks, but practice makes you a master.

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