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Rock-paper-scissors may be one of the most simple and clear games out there, but did you know it’s actually a little more complex under the surface? In fact, you could even use a few mental mind tricks and strategies to give yourself an edge. Here’s how to use mentalism to win at rock-paper-scissors. 

You can use mentalism to win at rock-paper-scissors. By sending subliminal messages to trick your opponent into selecting one option, picking another, or reading your opponent’s movements and predicting their most likely outcome. Understanding both methods is key to actually winning reliably.

What may seem like a simple 1/3 odds game can actually have a lot more strategy that can put you at an advantage. To win at rock paper scissors every time, you have to keep yourself constantly aware of all the little things, a few of which you might not even be aware that you’re doing. We’ll talk about both of these methods and give a few pointers.

Winning Rock-Paper-Scissors Every Time

Rock-paper-scissors, it’s a game every schoolkid knows. It’s where you can select one of three combinations of either rock, paper, scissors to defeat your opponent who chooses another. 

Simple, right? But there’s actually more to it than that. Especially now that we’re all grown up and can bring tricks like Mentalism into play.

On the surface, it may be a simple game, but it has a far larger presence than you may think. For example, think of how many times you’ve made decisions or seen people settle disputes based on this game. Anyone you ask knows what this game is, how it’s played and what the rules are, making it one of the most universal games regardless of country or language. 

Rock-paper-scissors is even played competitively. Tournaments with thousands of competitors are run frequently in many areas, such as the World Rock-Paper-Scissors Association tournaments. Events all over the world are organized where players can meet up and challenge themselves to win fame, fortune, and glory by throwing down in rock-paper-scissors.

A Rock-Paper-Scissors Refresher

The simplicity of this game is probably why it’s endured so long and why practically everybody plays it at some point whether just for fun or even using it as a way to make decisions or settle a disagreement. 

With rock paper scissors you can actually bend the odds in your favor by paying attention to what your opponent is doing and which combination of the three choices they are most likely to pick.

If you know the tricks, then you should be able to know your opponent's next move before they even do!

Winning takes more than just one mentalism skill. To truly be a champion of this game, you’ll have to:

  • Keep a lot of things in mind while you play
  • React quickly to changes at less than a seconds notice
  • Pay attention to what your opponent is doing, what they’re about to do, and how they’re going to do it 

All the while, you are trying to manipulate them subtly into doing something you want them to do. It may sound hard, but with practice you’ll be able to do this naturally.

How Mentalism Can Help You Win Rock Paper Scissors

That’s great and all, but how does mentalism actually help you win? Well, we as people are mostly conditioned to do certain things in a certain order and in a certain way. 

Humans like to follow patterns and stick to what we think has the greatest odds of success. So, in the example of rock-paper-scissors, we probably go in that exact order. First rock, then paper, then scissors, because this is what is most familiar to us. 

We hear those words spoken in that order so many times it’s drilled into our heads that that specific order is the “correct one”. Once you break the habit of following that order you're immediately putting yourself at a major advantage over someone who doesn’t think about those kinds of things. Taking advantage of this is what mentalism is all about. 

What is Mentalism

Mentalism is simply described as the notion that psychosocial occurrences can only be explained in the context of a creative and interpretive mind, which in simple words means that the user exhibits great levels of intellect and ingenuity to the point where they look like they're doing something supernatural. 

Of course, since all you're doing is playing rock, paper, scissors, you don't have to have extreme or thorough training to do this, as all it requires is tricking the opposing player into doing something that benefits you instead of them. Mentalism can be used in many areas of life, not just simple games like rock, paper, scissors. Once you learn the tricks and trades of these simple tasks, you’ll be able to use them to better understand how and why people think and react to things the way they do. 

Why Mentalism Works

Mentalism can help you take advantage of certain situations by knowing what your friends, opponents or families are thinking which can in turn help you find ways to trick them or surprise them with magic tricks.

The reason magic tricks are so effective is because they play on people's expectations. You’re looking in a direction while the magician is actually doing their process in a whole other direction and they can be assured that whatever trick they have up their sleeve you won’t be looking at, and that it looks like magic.

Opportunities to take advantage of typically come around when your opponent isn’t paying attention. After all rock paper scissors is probably the most casual game in existence and doesn’t require a lot of mental focus or concentration.

Mentalism in Other Areas of Life

You can apply this to other games and in some areas of life too. The trick to winning rock paper scissors is to anticipate what your opponent will do based on knowing what they’re most likely to do, and this can also happen everywhere. It’s why magic shows are so fun, because the magician anticipates that you were looking at something while keeping your attention away from what’s actually important. 

  • You can use tricks like these to when arguments or resolve conflicts by keeping your responses articulated and based on what you know about the other person. Mentalism has a lot of ways that can be applied in areas of life from impressing your friends to acquiring a deeper understanding of how human beings think.
  • Magic tricks can use mentalism to effectively get an audience to believe in something, while hiding how it’s actually done. This could include card tricks that make you look like you can teleport cards or mind tricks where you answer questions and guess things that make you look psychic.  
  • You can even pull mind tricks like hypnosis. This may be an excellent technique to use on someone, and it can also benefit you! Hypnosis is a technique based on relaxing someone to the point that they are entranced by your voice and tone and are put in a more relaxed condition in order to persuade them to make certain decisions.

With these tricks in your disposal, You’ll be the talk of the town and the life of the party every time. With your rock paper scissor skills, people will think you’re just naturally lucky when in fact all that’s happening is that you know how to keep yourself one step ahead and be the winner of a game that most people don’t even realize you have a way to raise a chance of winning. 

Take Advantage of Incoming Opportunities

In terms of rock, paper, scissors, this means that while you and your opponent are going at the same time you might be able to subconsciously guide your opponent into making the wrong move. They could think that you’re about to hit them with a rock and then watch you turn around and pull out scissors for a decisive victory. 

If you’re confident in your abilities, you could even lower them into a false sense of security by losing the first game and then turning around and winning the next two. Taking advantage of mental tricks in rock paper scissors will help you win more often than not. 

Some strategies to get you ahead are to always insist on playing best two out of three. This is because you might want to purposely not try anything on the first round just to see what choices your opponent makes. This can be critical in analyzing and learning their strategy and setting up what to do next. Regardless of anything you’ll always have a one and three chance of winning because of the way the game is structured, but once you know that upon his first move you can make the following two rounds much more tilted in your favor.

Other Ways to Apply these Tricks

What will help in making these tricks even more effective is the aura aura vibe you give off while playing. This isn’t to mean some kind of supernatural energy, just booking confidence and knowing what you’re doing so that you don’t give yourself away while suddenly planting a mental track.

Your opponents are probably smart enough to know when you’re up to something and if you make your moves too obvious, you’ll be found out. Not telegraphing your moves will be something that requires practice and might be a little hard when you’re starting out, but the more you play in the more confident you seem in what you’re doing will help you give off the vibe that you’re just a naturally lucky person and that your odds and your opponents of the exact same, when in fact you’re the one with a huge advantage.

Other Mentalism Tips and Tricks to Win Rock Paper Scissors

How you can win is up to you because there are several tips and tricks you can employ to get the edge in the game. You can use mental tricks to influence your opponent into making certain moves or you can pick choices that are sure to throw your opponent off and get ahead of them before they can make the first move. 

Here’s a step by step guide to making sure you win every time. 

  • First you want to select one of the choices while keeping in mind what your opponent is most likely to do. Typically, people don’t repeat losing choices and move through the choices in order. So, if somebody starts with Rock, they’ll move on to paper and then scissors. This is why whether or not you win or lose the first round, you’ll be able to anticipate what the next round is most likely going to be.
  • When you make your move, you want to subliminally tell them which choice you’re making, meaning that you want to signal that you’re going to choose rock so that they will choose paper when in actuality you’re going to send out scissors.

    The best way to do this is in the beginning of the match where you throw down your hand three times and say rock-paper-scissors before making the first move, while making sure that the choice you want to tell your opponent is what you send last.
  • Making subtle signs will help you plant the idea of a choice into your opponent's head. For example, if you are standing with a closed fist in your non-playing hand while you play, your opponent might look at that and choose rock, which lets you know that you need to pick paper.
  • Figuring out your opponent’s mindset is the key to deciding what mood to play and how to influence your opponent into making the move that will guide you to victory.

Finding the right strategy can mean the difference between random chance and a sure fire victory every time because these combinations each net you the same chance to win. Odds are that you’ll have a one in three track record every time you play, but you can dramatically increase these odds by knowing what your opponent is going to do next and finding ways to throw them off their game. 

Your Choice Matters

Despite the Fact that rock paper scissors was meant to be created equal, you can give yourself a bigger advantage naturally. Each of the three choices in rock paper scissors have their own distinct advantages and disadvantage is that might not be a parent on the surface, but when you think about it each choice can be a different weapon in your arsenal that can be used more effectively depending on the circumstance. 

Why Rock Rocks

Why choose rock? Since the rock is first when you say rock paper scissors and the fact that making this motion is as easy as closing a fist means that rock is a good choice when starting out which means a lot of opponents likely to pick it first because they go in the order of the name, rock paper scissors. That means if someone chooses rock they’re likely to pick a paper next which you can counter with scissors.

Rock can be a powerful tool because it’s the one that people tend to choose the most often. It’s a simple action to make and it looks, sounds, and feels like the strongest out of the three. Knowing that, you can anticipate that rock will be the favorite for many people so if someone else knows that, and try to counter with paper, you can choose scissors. 

Give Yourself an Edge with Scissors

When you choose scissors, you’re probably going to throw your opponent off by picking the middle option instead of settling on the other two. Rock and paper or a closed and open fist which are easy to do and happen instinctively, so a lot of people tend to select one of those two.

If you choose scissors, on the other hand, you’re making a conscious decision and this can help you throw the opponent off by picking the “unpredictable option.” This is why a lot of people choose Scissors first.

Playing with Paper 

Paper is the easiest choice to make because you’re literally just holding your hand out as if you were going to shake your opponent's hand or if you were going to wave. Typically, paper isn’t chosen most out of the three because paper is viewed as something a lot weaker than a crushing rock or a pair of sharp scissors. 

Despite the fact that paper gives you just as good a chance of winning as the other two it isn’t chosen as much because of this perception, therefore if you choose paper at first you were giving yourself an advantage because you’re picking the option that Isn’t as obvious or popular, therefore giving you a very good chance of throwing your opponent off with a surprise win thanks to paper