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Have you ever been to a show where audience members were hypnotized? Or maybe the individual on stage somehow read your mind. This is known as mentalism, and it is a performing art where an individual learns to read the facial expressions and body language of others as part of a highly advanced mental process. This process can be taught through training videos.

It can be difficult to know which training videos you should watch! Different mentalism training videos can teach varying mentalism skills using all sorts of teaching methods. Keep reading to discover the best mentalism DVDs and training videos on the market and find the one which will teach you the skill you desire using a method you will enjoy. 

Morgan’s Liquid Metal

This specific mentalism DVD is for those who are interested in the art of bending metal. Based on the award-winning Las Vegas show starring Mentalist Morgan Strebler, this DVD features portions of the show, as well as the step-by-step process on how to become a mentalist master of metal yourself. 

The explanations of the trick are delivered both in lecture style as well as in a follow-along explanation. The DVD ends with an over-the-shoulder recap to help the watcher learn how this mentalism trick works so you can perform it in front of your friends and family at the next large gathering!

Although this DVD only covered one trick, it is perfect for beginners because of the in-depth explanation that can help you master bending metal in no time at all!

13 Steps To Mentalism

13 Steps to Mentalism is a DVD set that provides the watcher with 6 DVDs filled with 12 hours of material on how to become a professional mentalist. Not only does the set of DVDs feature mentalism master Richard Osterlind, but it also features Jim Sisti, who helps to specify further how to design your own mentalism tricks in a performing arts environment. 

This DVD set is viewed as a must-see for any beginner wanting to enter the mentalism community as a freelancer to be hired for weddings, birthday parties, or other events. 

This set features a how-to guide on how to complete several mentalist tricks. It covers everything from working with blindfolds to mental telepathy. Besides just teaching the tricks, the pair of mentalists also discusses why audiences are drawn to mentalism—which is a great feature for those looking to write and design their own show in the future. 

Practical Mentalism Training Course

For those looking to specifically harness the power of their mind to perform mentalism tricks, this Practical Mentalism Training Course is straightforward and will teach you all you need to know. It features 11 different courses discussing the power of the mind and how you can change your thinking to help you to accomplish astounding mentalism stunts. 

This DVD, while very informational, doesn’t teach any specific tips or tricks. Instead, it focuses purely on changing your paths of thinking to truly embrace the art of mentalism. Because of this, this DVD is probably better for a mentalist who is looking to expand the power of their mind rather than one who is just starting out and looking for basic instruction. 

The cool thing about this DVD though is that the creators want to user to be able to employ mentalism to have a better life. This is a unique aspect that isn’t always included in mentalism training videos. 

Banachek’s PSI Series: Volume 2

Banachek is a world-famous mentalist known far and wide for his amazing stunts. Thus it should come as no surprise that one of his training videos made the list of best mentalism DVDs. This is his second DVD in a series he titles ‘Mentalism for the Casual Performer’ which tells you that this mentalism DVD is much different than a few of the aforementioned ones on this list. 

Banachek's PSI Series Volume 2: Mentalism for the Casual Performer, Vol. 2

This DVD will show you how to do some of the more basic tricks when it comes to mentalism, such as the spoon-bending trick that catapulted Banachek into fame. As a master of explanation, you will find the tricks explained to you in a way that is easy to follow and replicate. 

And besides just the tricks, this DVD also contains information on the career path and history of Banachek himself! This DVD is best for someone who wants to learn mentalism, but not necessarily because they want their own show. These tricks are better shown off at the next big family dinner or maybe show and tell day at school. 

Mastering Mentalism 

Mastering Mentalism features an up-close evaluation of the mind-reading magic performed by Peter Wood. This specific mentalism DVD will help teach you tips and design ideas for creating your own stage shows which Wood himself has been doing since he was five years old. 

The information given is very informative, especially for those who want to learn the art of mentalism for the purpose of performing. While being informative, this DVD is not recommended for those who are easily distracted while learning. This is because it is filmed in a realistic setting, a local show, that is subject to some background noise. 

But for those truly looking to become stage mentalists, this will be good practice for future distractions that could happen while you are on stage. Wood presents the topics in an easy-to-master manner that is much appreciated by professionals and beginners alike!

Mastering Hypnotic Power

A huge aspect of mentalism is the ability to hypnotize people. And oftentimes, this is the main draw audiences have when planning to attend a mentalism show. Thus, if you want to master the entirety of mentalism, you should train yourself in the art of hypnotic power by watching this two DVD set provided by Las Vegas Insiders. 

This DVD will walk you through all the skills needed to perform a number of different types of hypnotism. You can learn the art of handshake hypnosis, hypnotic amnesia, and how to perform them flawlessly on stage. 

If you are planning to create your own show, then this DVD is a must as it also discusses the legal and ethical debates which often shroud the mentalism industry. Sponsored by Peachtree Professional Education, you can be assured that you will learn several amazing skills from this training video as it Is presented in an instructional setting. 

The Secrets of Metal Bending

As you get further into your studies of the art of mentalism, you may find that you want more specific instruction on how to bend metal. This is a great ability to learn both for showcasing on and off stage. The Secrets of Metal Bending features astounding metal bending feats presented by both Banachek and Richard Osterlind for the price of one! 

Both experts go into great detail when it comes to showing the audience just how they accomplish mystifying metal bending acts. You will be able to learn how to bend everything from spoons to house keys just from watching this video.

L&L Publishing Metal Bending (World's Greatest Magic) – DVD

 The lessons presented are easy to follow and informative even for those just beginning their journey into mentalism and is recommended for even the youngest mentalists as young as thirteen years old. 

Bob Cassidy’s Mental Miracles

Every up-and-coming mentalist should spend some time studying Bob Cassidy and his amazing talent when it comes to mentalism. A performer for 25 years, and widely regarded as one of America’s most famous mentalists, even those who are experienced in the art could benefit from some instruction from Cassidy. 

This DVD features Bob Cassidy himself as he performs one of his awe-inspiring shows in front of an audience and then explains how he does each trick afterward. 

This DVD really is a catch-all, because besides showing you how all of his tricks are done, Cassidy also instructs the viewer about how to manage props, taking advantage of coincidences, and how to cover any errors that may occur during a show.

 Cassidy is known for his ability to get an entire audience involved in the show even for mentalism acts that only require one volunteer. He explains this as well in a way that is approachable and easy to replicate. You can’t go wrong with Bob Cassidy’s Mental Miracles!  

Nefesch Elements of Mentalism Vol 1

A huge part of learning to master mentalism is discovering how to affect the elements. This DVD is the first in a set of four featuring mentalist Nefesch who is known around the world for his abilities to manipulate the elements. Volume one focuses on water and five different tricks that can wow your friends as you demonstrate your power over the unpredictable element. 

The cool part about this DVD is that it covers a wide range of tricks, from those that involve using mentalism to guess what your audience volunteer will do with a prop, to those more dangerous tricks where you will perform a nerve-wracking (bot also completely safe) version of Russian Roulette with water. 

No matter where you’re at in your mentalism studies, if you are looking for a DVD that explains how to do mentalism acts that involve water, then this training video is for you. 

How To Be a Mentalist?

Ehud Segev is a famous mentalist who has traveled around the world performing his mind-reading feats for millions of people. And he is finally revealing and teaching his tricks to others via a series of YouTube videos. This first video will give you an introduction to what mentalism is before you begin your journey. 

This video is especially great for those just beginning to dabble in the art of mentalism. Although Segev will teach you tricks to perform, this video series isn’t one of his shows. 

Rather they are more seminars created to teach you the art of mentalism in a classroom-type setting. This may be less entertaining to those of you who like the showmanship aspect of this craft. But if you are here to truly understand how mentalism works, these videos will not disappoint!

The Magic and Mentalism of Barry Richardson

Barry Richardson is regarded as one of the most creative mentalists in the world. So much so, that he even performed for President George H.W. Bush during his lifetime. And although the legend passed away in 2015, you can still learn all about his amazing tricks from The Magic and Mentalism

This DVD is one of three volumes and explores the true magic of mentalism unhindered by gimmicks common in most magic shows.

Besides just being an accomplished mentalist, Richardson was also a college professor known far and wide for his informative lectures. Because of his academic background, Richardson’s DVD explanation of his mentalism acts is much easier to follow than most and provides all the information the user needs to be able to perform the feat themselves. 

This DVD truly embodies what it means to be a mentalist and how to harness your abilities to comment on the craziness of life. 

The Art and Science of Cold Reading

Some of you may be wondering how you can apply mentalism in your everyday life, especially if you don’t yet have a show to perform at. And there are some ways you can use mentalism in your life for practical reasons. This video covers some of those methods as well as teaching you a very important aspect of mentalism; the art of a cold reading. 

This video isn’t as long as some of the others on this list and is best watched before you dive too deep into the mentalism tricks. This is because this video will help you learn to choose the right people to practice your mentalism tricks on.

Continually selecting the wrong people to judge your art can be a roadblock on the way to becoming a mentalist and thus you should find time to put this video into your training plan to help guarantee your success as a future mentalist. 

How To Pick A Mentalism DVD That Is Right For You

If you are new to the world of mentalism, you may be wondering where you should start. And like most new things you wish to learn in life, you can’t just dive in and expect to suddenly be able to perform massive acts of mentalism. Instead, you should start slow and just focus on learning a single feat. 

On the above list, you could pick any of the DVDs listed and commit to learning one trick. Watch the DVD over and over, specifically focusing on that one trick. Once you master it, move to the next trick on the DVD and so forth until you’ve learned the entire DVD. 

For those who aren’t sure which DVD to start on, find a trick or mentalist who you are inspired by and start with his or her DVD. This will help to keep you interested as you learn.

You may find that the teaching styles presented on one or more of these DVDs doesn’t suit your learning style. And that’s okay. This list is extensive for a reason so that you can find the mentalism trick you want to learn taught to you by someone you can learn from. 

Again, mentalism doesn’t just happen overnight, therefore when you find yourself struggling to learn an act, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. But when you do make a mistake, learn why you did it and then try the trick again. Giving up is never the answer. 

Mentalism Training Beyond DVDs

As great as it is to learn to become a mentalist right from the comfort of your own house, you will need to venture out at some point. Besides just venturing out to practice your acts on new people (there’s only so much your household members will be able to handle) you should also look into joining a group or club of mentalists.

When you join a group of like-minded people, this can help you to learn more efficiently. And if you come across a trick that is stumping you no matter how hard you look at it, chances are some fresh eyes can help you to figure it out. 

Check your local clubs, but if there isn’t one in your immediate area, don’t fret, as there are tons of these clubs available online, and in the world of videos and chatting, you’ll have no problem displaying and discussing your trips with others. 


Mentalism is an art like no other that has many facets and takes years to truly master. But you can begin your journey to becoming a mentalist at any point in your life, you just need a little training.

Start by enjoying one of the many training videos on this list until you feel confident enough to try on your own. All of these videos are created by masters of mentalism and you are sure to pick up a thing or two as you watch. Pretty soon you’ll be the one with a mentalism show creating the next mentalism training video!