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When learning magic there are foundational elements that will serve your entire career once mastered. Pencil magic tricks are a great way to get started with basics and build a foundation for mastery. These tricks can teach you some magic basics you can carry into intermediate-level magic. It will take time, but it will be worth the effort.

The methods in this article are great for beginners of all ages. These are great tricks to practice in front of family, friends, and relatives. It will help you to build your confidence and become a master in these performances. In this text, I will discuss two tricks with the pencil one by one.

First Method

What you will need:

  1. A pen or pencil
  2. A table top
  3. Pencil Vanishing Trick

In this performance, the magician holds the pencil in his both hands, but within seconds the pencil disappears.

How is this possible? Let’s have a look!

The illusionist takes a pencil and holds it with both hands by using only his fingers. He keeps the pencil between the thumb and the first two fingers of both hands. He applies the force using his middle finger on the backside of the pencil and gives it a sudden jerk. The pencil becomes invisible.

After applying pressure the pencil moves behind the hand and the arm, and now it is not visible to the audience. He keeps holding the pencil with his middle and index finger. Otherwise, if the pencil drops the magic trick fails. It should be fast.

The most important thing or in other words the secret of the trick lies in the speed. The faster you perform it, the more it will be helpful to convince the public that you have really disappeared the pencil.

Second Method

Another way to perform the same magic The same magic can be shown to the public in a different style.

But how?  Let’s see.

Place the table in front of you and sit its behind so that the audience can’t see your lap. Now hold the pencil same as explained before with the finger of both hands. Now cover the pencil with your hands so that the public can’t see it. While performing drop the pencil in your lap but be careful that the audience can’t see what actually happened.

Bring your hands close to each other.

After you drop the pencil bring your hands close to each other pretending as you indulge in doing magic. And finally, show your hands to the viewers that pencil has gone.


  1. Conceal the pencil behind your arm carefully.
  2. While performing the second method be careful that your hands have completely covered the pencil.
  3. When you drop the pencil take care that it does not produce the sound.
  4. How to vanish coin by using pencil

The magician holds the coin in his hand and closes it. He has a pencil in his other hand and inserts this pencil in his closed palm. And when he opens his fist there is no coin.

How is it done?

When magician closes his hand with the coin in it, he also puts a pencil in it from the upper side. Before withdrawing pencil from the lower side of the fist he drops the coin in his other hand and then takes out the pencil from his hand. And then displays his open hand which is empty.


  1. Drop the coin in your hand, not on the floor.
  2. Drop the coin carefully so that the audience can’t guess it.

Final Thoughts

If one the first attempt these do not feel as easy as described in this article, that is okay! Once you have practiced this a few times the movements will become more natural, and then you can practice your speed. Slow and steady learns the movements and repetition helps with speed.