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Magic tricks are done with various objects, and in this post, you'll learn 5 water bottle magic tricks you can do fairly easily. If you are into magic tricks and mentalism, you'll love to do these magic tricks. 

These tricks are great to play with your friends, family, and kids. They will surely enjoy it.

1. The Bottle and Pen Trick

For this, you will need

  • 2 pens
  • 1 water bottle
  • Weights


This pen and water bottle are super easy to try. All you need to have is just to have 2 identical pens.

Make sure the pen is identical if not you may not be able to perform the trick properly. Now that you have 2 pens take one of them.

Put out the cap of the pen an remove the pen reservoir that contains ink in it.

So now you need to do is, fill the pen with weights. The weights that you try to fill the pen with can be screws or any other thing.

Now put the cap back on the pen and secure it with the back cap of the pen.   

Now all you need to do is to put the pen that has weight and into the water and cap it back. Now have the pen on the other hand.

On the count of 3, flip bag the pen in your hand and shake the bottle.

The audience will now see the pen which was invisible before because of the weight.

However, you will need practice to perform this trick. Also, the flipping back of the pen is quite difficult, you will need to learn it the best way.

2. The Disappearing Water Bottle Magic Tricks

water bottle magic tricks

You will need

  • Gimmick beer bottle
  • Apple juice
  • Glass
  • Brown paper bag


The invisible bottle trick is another bottle trick that will help you amaze your audience. All you need to have is a gimmick beer bottle.

The great thing about the game beer water is that it comes with two sections that are completely detachable.

Also, this gimmick beer water is made of rubber which can be squished easy.

So, you first fill half of the gimmick beer bottle with Apple juice and empty it out in front of the audience to make it look real.

Now show the audience that the bag is empty. On the count of 3 put the beer bottle inside of the bag and squish it as if there is nothing.

After squishing throw the bag of beer aside so nobody can question you.

This is possible only if you have the gimmick beer bottle which can be squished easily.

Make sure you do this action quickly and clearly so nobody can suspect you.

3. Coin and Bottle Trick

You will need

  • One glass bottle
  • One biteable coin
  • One quarter that looks like the biteable coin


So, this is a classic bottle trick. All you need to have it glass bottle with a quarter that looks exactly like the biteable coin.

The biteable coin is used as a gimmick in most of the tricks. It is a foldable coin and you can get it from any of the stores that sell magic accessories.

Now all you need to do is to show your audience that the bottle is empty.

However, before that just put the biteable coin on the upper circle of beer bottle and cover it with your fingers while holding it.

Now have the other coin on the bottom of the other hand.

The trick is almost complete now. all you need to do is to band the bottle 3 times on your hand.

While you do that the biteable coin will come down and you can now close your palm to hide the other quarter.

You can also give any of your audience members to see if there is something wrong with it. Also, this class but you can also be given as a souvenir.

Make sure you are good at hiding the coin in your Palm or else the audience will know the secret.

4. Bottle and Phone Trick

You will need

  • Phone
  • Plastic bottle
  • Knife


This is a super easy Magic trick that you can try. All you need to have a plastic bottle.

Cut the slit from it but not too down. Leave some water in there. this will be your homework. Now in front of the audience drink the water to create an illusion.

Now the bottle is empty show them that there is nothing in the bottle. Take the Phone in your hand where there is a slit in the bottle.

On the count of 3 push your Phone inside really quickly. The Phone will get in and nobody would notice how it happened.

Now take the knife in your hand and cut the slit again for the illusion. And take your Phone out before anybody noticed that there was already a slit.

5. Beer Bottle and a Note

You will need

  • Two beer bottles
  • One-dollar notes


All you need to do is remove the dollar bill between the beer without falling apart. You know how is this possible? All you need to do is do who is the dollar bill in your one hand strongly.

Now with the fingers of another hand, strongly hit the dollar bill with your fingers. Add remove the dollar bill without spilling any beer.

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