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What are your thoughts, when you have seen a woman cut into half in front of your eyes?

When I have seen first time in front of my eyes, I firmly believe that this person has some extraordinary powers. 

I was always very curious about this, but eventually, I became clearer that it is an art that could be developed after doing a lot of practice.

Magic do have different branches, but I do believe that Mentalism is the most powerful among them.

The most common tricks you have often seen are playing with cards, bending a spooncut a woman in the half, and many more. 

  What is Mentalism?

Mentalism is the art of showing other people that a mentalist has supernatural or extraordinary mind-based powers.

The person who is a practice known as a “Mentalist.” 

The central point of mentalism is that a mentalist is reading other people’s minds and predicting the future.

There are many forms of mentalism, but the most common performances include mind reading, mathematics tricks, memory feats, hypnosis, mind control, fortune-telling, remote vision, and more. How do mentalists do this? Some people think that it is actually magic, but in reality, the mentalist has acquired different skills just by doing practice again and again. I know the skills can be acquired but only relying on those skills cannot give you that much confidence as a professional mentalist has. 

what is mentalism

  History of Mentalism:

Mentalism has been around for centuries, and most people believe that it can be found in ancient Greeks and the Old Testament of the Bible. The most prominent name that can be traced back in history is Girolamo Scotto who was a well-known magician, and his performance was one of the earliest recorded performances of a mentalism actin 1572. But this field becomes quite prominent at the start of the 19th century, and now it is a big industry where people are stepping in great numbers.

Who is not familiar with Derren Brown for his popular mind-reading TV series and other shows and Uri Geller for his famous spoon-bending trick?

Derren Brown

Derren Brown

Uri Geller

Uri Geller

Difference Between Magic and Mentalism:

Well, most people believe that both are common names for a similar task. But when I researched more about these terms, I found a thin line that segregates the two.

Mentalists make full use of mental skills and body language to perform different tasks. It means that their “tricks” are actually based on reality.

If we look at the magicians, they employ the use of theatrical trickery to create illusions.

To put it differently, a magician uses skill, trickery, and misdirection to entertain his audience and a mentalist entertains with a showing of mental powers and claims of unusual abilities.

Most Prominent Mentalists in the World:

As I said earlier, this field is going bigger and bigger as new people are joining this industry.

Each person may have their own list, but I am not here discussing the best ones. So, let's look at the few prominent names;

  • Derren Brown
  • Richard Osterlind
  • Marc Savard
  • Alexander
  • Paul Brook
  • Max Maven
  • Bob Cassidy
  • Ava Do
  • Amila
  • The Amazing Kreskin
  • Uri Geller

We may see more names in the upcoming future as this niche has expanded a great deal over the last few decades. 

My Final Words:

To be concise, mentalism is an art that persuades people to believe that mentalist has high mental and intuitive abilities. It has been used for entertainment purposes, and even now its popularity is increasing day by day. These people have great skills to read people's minds and perform tasks that look uncommon in the real world. Prominent mentalists such as Derren Brown, Richard Osterlind, and even others have fascinated the public’s imagination with their mind manipulating techniques. I am also a huge fan of such people and anxiously waiting for their new performances.

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