Top 6 Best Mentalism Books For Beginners Available Today!
[2020 Updated List]

When it comes to becoming a good mentalist, you will need to have a sharp mind and other greater abilities to have your tricks work out as expected and still bring out amazing effect that is needed to make the whole process an interesting one.

If you are just a beginner who is looking to learn this art, you are going to be very careful with what you choose to work with.

You don’t just start doing it with just any books you get your hands on.

Mentalism is a pretty complex ability, which can either make things easy and enjoyable for you or can be your worst nightmare if you don’t handle it with care and clear thought.

Mentalism books will help you understand the basics and then later help you through the tough parts that come as you advance.

I have seen people looking for different platforms to learn how mentalism works but I found most of the training and books are pure crap. They are just introductory information, and nothing seems to be a deep insight into how to perform different tricks.

Either they don’t know how to perform, or they are just hiding information from other people.

If you have struggled to find quality information about this topic then no problem, I am here disclosing some best books available that can help you to know what it is all about and how they are reading the minds of different people.

Mentalism Guide

  1). Tricks of the Mind by DERREN BROWN

It is a very popular book from the world's most famous mentalist, Derren Brown. He writes the way he speaks, which makes it that much more exciting and interesting.

There are some great stories in this book packed with the right amount of humour.

Also, there are some mind tricks you can pick up yourself from this book; I highly recommend them.

Do consider buying this book if you want to extend your knowledge of how the mind operates and how to read it. You will also get some valuable information to use in your daily life. 

The actual reveal on memory tricks, card tricks, and hypnosis are exciting. The real trick to these things is hard work and practice, and unfortunately, no book can give you an easy way to learn them. 

The memory section is kind of unique actually. This section will IMPROVE your memory, at least for a bit, and could have quite astounding effects if one practice. 

  2). 13 Steps to Mentalism

This is one most popular book out there in the market and called "The Bible of Mentalism."

Corinda is the author of the book who has laid down various tips and tricks in thirteen chapters that most popular mentalists are using today.

Corinda gains a lot of recognition from all over the world who are related to this field and honor him many awards that shows how much effort he has put in his book.

There are also some critics on the book because most of the people who know a lot of things about this field, they definitely not find as much information as a beginner did.

Read here detailed Thirteen Steps to Mentalism review.

  3). What Every Body Is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent's Guide to Speed-Reading People

This book is from Joe Navarro, who is a former FBI officer and a known expert on nonverbal behavior.

In his book, he explains how to speed read people, decode sentiments and actions, avoid hidden traps, and look for deceptive behaviors.

In simple words, this book reveals which nonverbal signs communicate untrustworthiness and deception and which exhibit honesty and compassion. 

Before reading this book, I hardly understood body language and non-verbal communication. Now, due to this book, I get to know that: 

  • Why some people appear more confident than others while speaking,
  • How adopting different methods can let you become more persuasive when you speak, 
  • What to look for when trying to identify deception, etc.

The author insists that while understanding the reasons for certain behaviours, e.g., touching one's neck, can be useful in reading people mind. They are not foolproof barometers of deception.

A former FBI agent who regularly used these methods to help decode cases, he warns about jumping to conclusions and advocates using groups of nonverbal patterns to discover further whether a person is lying or just under stress.

One episode is devoted to the brain and its limbic system, which regulates those involuntary turns of behaviour. Black and white photos depict different points throughout.

This book is a useful research tool and an excellent addition to more extensive collections.

  4). Practical Mental Magic

13 Steps to Mentalism and Practical Mental Magic are the best combination of books for those people who want to learn those skills.

There is a deep insight into mind reading and spiritual effect that portray other people to perceive them as real.

It is also one of the old books on the topic and reveals different secrets that people are performing.

The criticism of this book often comes from people who see some strategies are very advanced.

  5). Amateur Magician’s Handbook

The author of this book is Henry Hay, and it is another great book on learning great skills about magic.

If you love this as a hobby or by profession or giving a gift to some other people, then it is also a great book on this topic.

I can easily say that you will definitely get more value than what you are paying for this product.

It uncovers secrets like coins, cards, handkerchief, rope, ball and even stage illusions. 

More you read this book, more you would be able to absorb its secrets, and this is the right way to read any book on mentalism.

  6). Mind, Myth & Magick

This book is one of a detailed book written on this topic by T.A Waters. It has over 800 pages with more than 200 tricks.

The area that this book covers mostly pertains to spirit tests, fortune-telling, symbol tests, psychometry, and billet work.

The countless illustrations and clear guidelines make this book easy to understand and follow.

This book opens your mind to the world of mentalism and the tools used in mentalism performances.

It would be better, before going to this book you should have some basic idea about the field and I do recommend that you should read one of the above books before reading this one.

  My Final Words:

In short, these above resources are very useful for everyone who want to become a mind reader.

You can buy all these books if you have the budget or just the one to start your journey.

I personally recommend first and the second one you must have if you want to learn mentalism. 

I have just shared the 6 best mentalism books in this article, but once I will find more resources I will also share for you in this post as well. 

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