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Read the post to learn the marvelous coin bending trick. The act is quite simple and easy. First, let's look at the steps that you need to complete in order to perform this trick:

A coin, ideally a 50 cent coin, is needed. 

Let somebody in the crowd test if the coin is actually real if it's carried, played with, and even bitten. ​Now use your power to bend in front of the audience's eyes.

​Almost everyone wants to learn magic, so why don't we know it now? Everybody can do magic shows; you just need some confidence and a little hand to pull the hallucinations off. 

How Bending Coin Takes Place?

  1. You must use a tool to twist or bend a coin. Aim to use two pinches, one to protect the coin and the other to turn the coin.
  2. Make sure you build a bend on the coin's sides, and not the middle while flipping the coin. You can quickly see why. This is very important.
  3. If a coin is connected on the edges, it looks as though it's very flat, as when it is totally linked.
  4. What this implies is that from the start, there is a twisted coin.
  5. Nevertheless, a second coin that is not twisted at all will be required as well.
  6. You need a good deal of hand tactics after flipping the first coin to cover the coin at the base of your hands. This is not space engineering, and anybody can use your finger muscles to catch a coin with his fingertips at the bottom.
  7. Then keep the unequivocal coin by the hand, which carries the secret curve. Hold the coin firmly with your hands.
  8. Take the true coin and start to act as you do with all your energy. There, intervention is going to be very important.
  9. Imagine that you are now very sick and in need, imagine that you throw the coin for support.
  10. What you do is put the rounded coin on your other hand, as you cover the unbelieving coin behind your thumb and your fingertips.
  11. Enable the rounded coin to go into the coin place of the previous one and continue to twist.
  12. You can tell how much force you're using.
  13. Now let the coin emerge gradually and expose its bent shape. The first coin should now be held between the right fingers and thumb quietly.

Coin Bending Trick – Professional Way

coin bending trick

You just need to borrow a coin from a friend, and you have to make money yourself before you borrow the coin from a friend. This is a very surprising approach.

  • Take a hammer, a coin, better, and a quarter. Go forth and put the coin in one of these holes, the asphalt gaps between the concrete. 
  • Pick up the hammer on the edge of the coin and pound hard. This coin will start to break in half when you hammer it. This is a very unusual way to turn a coin.
  • You are more than happy to do so now if you have exposure to addiction. Take it to the vice. Make sure the hammering is nice and tight.
  • You are ready to start the trick now that you have your bent half. Put the quarter twisted on your middle finger, and because of the twist, it's going to be nice and break off. Present the community the half. 
  • Only move up. Move back. You will drop the quarter as you come before the coin, but replace it with articulation. Very, so Then you suggest you will only continue to rub your middle finger with the coin gently. You can make sounds as if you're pressing on the coin, grunting or anything that you like.
  • Take your thumb to demonstrate that the coin has rolled when you are finished rubbing.
  • As a reward, you could give the illusion that the coin flips between your thumb and forefinger if you want to convince your mates that you have some mental power. This obviously bows out if you move the coin up. 

And if done correctly, it's a complete illusion. So I highly recommend it in front of a mirror.

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