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It’s a common trick to levitate objects in the air. To the public, it seems very difficult, but it all involves physics and mechanics. You probably guessed that objects are an easy trick, but what about an entire person? The levitating woman magic trick involves the name illusions.

Like almost everything in magic and mentalism these sort of tricks are made possible by certain mechanics and illusions. As the industry wants to keep these trade secrets to themselves not everyone knows just how these tricks are performed. Continue reading to learn the basics of levitating objects and people.

Apparent Mechanism Of Illusion

To start, the magician and his subject enter together. On stage there is a flat board that is clean and clear. The girl lies down on the board in a straight position.

The magician stands along with the board and starts his magic. After some time the girl starts rising in the air. When the magician points his finger downward, the girl also starts lowering in the air. WOW, it amazed the whole audience.

levitating woman magic trick

Why Magician Passes Ring Over The Girl?

Before ascending the girl in the air the illusionist passes a large ring over the girl just to show the audience that there is no wire, cable, or any other unfair mean that is responsible for raising the girl. Almost all tricks include some kind of “proof” that it is truly magic. Even if we know this to be the case we are still drawn in by the mystery of it all.

The magician passes ring twice to make it even more believable.

Secret Behind The Illusion:

Let's look at how magicians do this.

1. Design Of The Apparatus Used

The apparatus used on stage for this magic is designed very sharply. There is a flat board on the stage on which a girl lies down in a straight position.

2. Another Secret Board On The Main Board

There is another secret board on the main board which is visible to the viewers. That board is almost 3 feet long and black in color to conceal it from the audience.

This board is connected to a metal rod which is movable and is connected to two buttons fitted under the carpet. The whole apparatus is monitored by a backstage fitted hydraulic machine.

3. How Magician Hides The Metal Rod

To hide the metal rod, the magician uses the dress of the lady as you can see in the video. The dress is long enough to conceal it.

Actual Mystery Behind It:

When a girl lies on the board, her dress covers the metal rod, and it becomes invisible to the public.

Then magician stands on these concealed buttons and controls them with his feet, or someone backstage. As a result, the secret board is lifted up along with the lady. 

Another Way To Do The Same Trick:

Above, a secret board was also used. It can also be performed without using this board. Only one board is required in the second method which is connected to a metal rod which in turn is connected to buttons under the carpet.

How To Hide Metal Rod?

In this method, the rod is taken out of the sight of the people by the magician himself. He stands in front of the rod. So people can’t see it.


It also has the same procedure. The buttons are fitted where the magician stands in front of the rod and thus apply the same procedure as above.

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