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In this article, we will see how to saw a woman into two halves. It seems very dangerous and was first time performed by English illusionist PT Selbit in 1921 on stage. Today almost every magician is practicing it on stage with a little bit of variation in his different style.

There are two common ways to perform this illusion.

First Method

1) Table Is Placed On The Stage

There is a table on the stage. A beautiful girl comes on stage. The table is a box, and the girl lies down on it. The magician closes this box, and now the lady is kept in it.

Her head, hands, and feet are only visible to the viewers. There is a large cutter fixed on the table. The magician moves this cutter on the box and finally cuts the girl into two.

2) Magician Moves Both Parts Of Box Apart

Wizard runs both parts of the box away from each other to show the audience believes that the woman is sawed by the magician.

3) Join Both Parts Again

This is the interesting step. Magician joins both parts again and then opens up the box. Surprisingly the girl comes out of the box alive and without any injury.

How can this happen? It is discussed below.

Secrets Behind It

1) Design Of The Table (Having Two Parts)

Some magicians use the table (box) that is designed in such a way that it has two separate parts.

2) There May Be One Girl In Each Box

It is possible that there may be one girl in each box.

Head of the girl in the first box is visible to the audience and the feet of the other girl in the second box remains outside, and the public can see them.

3) Use of Artificial Feet

If there is no girl in the second box, then you can use artificial feet to distract the public.

saw woman in half trick


The girl lies down inside the box. The boxes are wide enough that the girl can bend her legs inside the box. 

The magician moves the cutter pretending that he is cutting the box with the girl inside.

Then move both parts apart and then join again and the girl comes out of it has not even a single bruise.

As both boxes are separate and, there are two girls so when magician passes cutter over the partition apparently the boxes divide.

But neither the boxes divide as they are already separate and both girls remain unharmed. And she comes out in front of the audience.

Second Method

Design of the table

You can see in the picture that table is created as the upper part of the body is a little bit above the lower body part.


Magician cuts the box with the cutter from the center, but it doesn’t cut the girl because as it is evident from the picture that the girl is lowered from the center. 

In this case, magician not separates both parts of the table. And after cutting, the girl appears. Wow, it amazed the whole audience.

saw woman in half trick

It is a straight and easy trick. Everyone can perform it. The whole secret lies in the box.

If you still don’t understand it then check how Penn And Teller reveal sawing a lady (someone) in half.

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