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You are here because you are looking for the revelation effect review and how it helps in mind reading.

When I heard of this product, I was extremely thrilled and just wanted to get my hands on it as soon as I possibly could. I also decided to share these important secrets about this product so that you can make a wise decision about buying it.

Product NameThe Revelation Effect
CompanyAustralian Films and studio
Price$4.95 trial processing fee and then $45 after 14 days
Rankings90 out of 100
the revelation effect review

  What is the Revelation Effect?

This is a mentalism product that claims it can teach you ways to read people's minds and hypnosis.

There is no specific name given to the owner of the program. The name of the mentalist showing practical proof of the legitimacy of the product is not revealed either. I think it's due to the magic principles and safety purposes. This program will teach you the skills and techniques used by this specific meantalist.

You'll rarely see a magician or any mentalist being straightforward with his identity. I guess that is part of the mind-reading tactic which can ruin everything if revealed.

  What is included in the Program?

1. Revealing Names

As you will see in the 40 minutes video, you are going to learn how to look at people and influence their thinking, and then you will later tell them what it is that they are thinking of.

2. Making Duplicate of Hidden Drawings

Here, you will know exactly how to draw something that you've asked someone in your audience to draw while hiding it well so that no one sees it including you, without looking at all.

The ability to get the exact drawing right without any mistakes are given, to help you to be even more accurate.

3. Reading Muscle Movements

If you wonder how mentalists are able to do this: tell someone to think about something that is around the place where the performance is taking place, and then are told to put all their focus on that very object.

From there, the mentalist touches their arms and reads the movement of the muscles which will lead them straight to the object the person was thinking of. Rest assured that you will understand the whole idea.

But if you choose to get the package this very same day, you will be given extra bonuses, which included:

4. “Think of a Card” Bonus

This is a great bonus trick that's free but whose real worth is $15. Here, you'll learn how to get someone take or think of a card while not disclosing any information about it to you.

Once they've chosen, you just have to get into his mind and get all what he's storing in there about that particular card.

5. “Physcological Opener” Bonus

This is the main tool to help you know whether or not you've really connected with your audience before you get into hard coded tricks.

Connecting with them is quite essential as that will bring out the strong effect that you are looking forward to. Brilliant tricks are revealed to know how to do this effectively.

6. “Q&A secret Discussion ” Bonus

This is the pool where you get literally every question you've been asking yourself about reading people's minds since you got the passion for it.

It has been on for more than 5 years now and people have been throwing all kinds of questions there. With this, valued at $17, you'll be able to connect the dots and get even better understanding of this whole thing.

  Who is it For?

This product will suit best the people who want specifically to understand what mind reading is all about.

If you want to really hypnotize people and then use psychology to have them connect to your energies, and later have them believe that you just read their minds, then this will be the best fit for you.

Whether you have any prior experience or knowledge or not, you are truly going to get amazing insight from this product.

It is best for the NEWBIES because it gives basic concepts and then goes ahead to explain things in a much simpler and understandable system that assures perfection.

It is also good for INTERMEDIATE mentalists who've had a bit of insight and have worked with the tricks with a limited amount of success. 

It will, to a limited extent, also help the guys who've got ADVANCED mind-reading skills. There are a few simple finishing touches that will help sharpen and perfect your skills.

Who is it not for?

You are going to learn in detail where to start, how to go about from meeting the person you'll be using as your ‘mind-reading tool' all the way to getting them to completely agree that you did read their minds.

If you want to learn something else other than this, like card tricks, spoon bending, levitation, divination and such categories then, you are going to want to look elsewhere.

  Pro's and Con's:


  • The video gives clear proofs that the tricks that you'll be learning really work. You will not have that shadow of doubt whether it works or even have the fear of doing it in places with lots of people cause you think it might not go through.
  • It gives wonderful mind reading tricks which have been used by many people before but really haven't been truly interpreted by them. This means you still get to appear as cool before the people you choose to read as they cannot quite easily comprehend what is going on.
  • The program is not at all overpriced. With just $5 you can have at least 14 days of learning few things that can top up the overall knowledge you have on mind reading. And you can also have the confidence that what little knowledge you get within this period is going to impact you greatly.
  • The insight you get here is purely mind reading techniques that won't require you to play gimmicks or do people's palms to add more connection to you energies. You will get clean cut strategies that will give you the flexibility and ease to go through the reading comfortably and get the exact match of results you were hoping for.
  • You get your hands on the product minutes after making your purchase. You don't have to wait for shipments and delivery processes that take ages before you get access to it. Here, things are digitized with all the flexibility you need.


  • This system deals only with mind reading. People who'd like to get trained on how to use pure magic and divination or becomes medium can't get any help from it. Many people want to do things that have truly amazed them like the ones David Blaine did years ago, and sadly enough, this product doesn't offer that.
  • This program takes time to understand and even more time to practice and master. This means that it will take a much longer time before you can see rewarding results of the complicated tricks.


The revelation effect product is wonderful and would make a good training program to all the potential mind readers out there. With the relatively cheap price it offers, everyone who desires to uncover these mysterious secrets can comfortably do that.

On the same breath, there is a 60 days money-back guarantee that lets you try out the program for as much time you need, within the period of the guarantee, and allows you to return it and get your money back without any questions or delays.

There's more to mentalism than you'd think, what is needed, is to identify the category you like best and chase it.

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