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So, you've seen a few magic tricks and how you want to know learn how you can also become a magician.

If you want to become an expert magician you will need to learn and develop certain skills. Whether this is a hobby or you want to show off your skills at parties, practice is the key. When learning any skill there are levels and stages of mastery. 

This article outlines the three stages of training to become an expert magician. 

  1. Research

When you step into the world of magic you realize it is a vast field. There are countless tricks, methods, and techniques. The first step is deciding which type of magic you are interested in. It’s up to you to do the research and discover what works for you.

  2. Practice

This is the most important step, but many people become discouraged with beginner results and quit. After deciding field, you should start practicing it and keep practicing. It takes more than 3 times to really mastery a trick. 

Once you are confident in your abilities you can start to practice in front of people. First perform before your family, friends and other people several times and then you might be ready to perform at the stage.

3. Mastery

Becoming a master takes more time than most are willing to give. It requires consistency and determination. Some say you become a master when you can perform with your eyes closed without mistakes. Some people require a long time to be a master, and some achieve it early depending on personal abilities and time.

Tips For Becoming Successful Magician:

1. Learn to be confident.

A confident performer is able to fool that audience more than one that clearly lacks confidence in front of a crowd. If a magician is showing a simple trick in front of the audience with full confidence, the audience will believe it. A magician should look presentable and attractive. 

2. Start with the basics.

Take your start from basic tricks and then move towards the complexity. Mastering the basics will be a great foundation for mastery. The key to success is to choose tricks and illusions that engage the audience, and this does not require complex tricks.

3. Involve the audience

A good magician involves the audience in conversation and different tricks. This keeps the audience entertained and takes away their attention from the details of the trick.

4. Use Props

Props are a great tool for distraction. Don’t be afraid y to use them in your performances to draw the attention of the public away from your techinques.

5. Use your body

It’s a sign of good magician that he completely involves his body.

6. Keep your audience relax

Using humor is a great way to set the tone of the audience and keep them relaxed. They often know that you will fool them. Of course, there will be people that are trying to find the faults but they are willing to be misguided. 

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