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Magic can be a game, and learning magic and then playing with others is a great fun way to have with people. But, to achieve this you must be imaginative, dramatic, experimental, and clever. Here are 5 of the best mind reading games to help you have fun with magic and mentalism.

While magic is an honest occupation, it is a job of a trickster to trick you. 

Since the time began wizards have tricked people and if you discover the old art, you know it looks like a fantasy.

Over hundreds of years, people have enjoyed playing mind reading games. 

They do not usually require anything beyond what you can find around the house, which makes them easy to do at any time.

In reality, to some degree, everybody can read their mind. We can deduce what the person that we talk to is thinking from the actions and from the responses to questions.

Nobody can interpret their thoughts outright, but implicitly it is easy to do so. In this post we will look at some very popular, yet easy, mind reading games that you may use to amaze your nearby people;

1. Three Dates

Our first trick is famous for David Ginn, an American resident of the Atlantic City, to a mainstream audience.

He is a trickster in full time, who has always played with fun and exciting tricks for kids.

Things Needed

  • diary 
  • flat document 
  • pencil 

You need to do basic arithmetic on your head. Paper and pencil are for the kid for whom you are doing the tactic.


Don't let a child know what days and months they need, or tell a child to choose three days a week from one month.

Give the child the paper and pencil, insert the three numbers and offer the total to it.

Every three successive dates between 1 and 31 will happen as long as they are clear.

You can tell that child which dates he/she prefer after this number.


This is a very straightforward trick. After you have the sum of the three dates, divide the number by 3 and give you the middle date you have chosen. 

For example, the kid agreed on October 24, 25 and 26, then inserted the ones and informed you the number 75.

You multiply by 3 and get 25 in your head: that's the center number of the baby. Use 1 for the day and deduct 1 for the year.

Simple? Yes!

2. Numbered Tricks

This second trick is a simple party trick that reads the mind. But to render it genuinely beautiful, it requires a good effort.

Dr. BV Pattabhi Ram, the first Asian magician to earn his PhD in magic at a school, invented this technique.

He used to do this trick in high school where friends called him a math wizard, even if he said that he never had good mathematical marks.

Things Needed

Five circles of paper. Write on each card seven amounts, as shown.


Place every one of the cards on a table and tell the crowd to interpret an individual's mind.

Let everyone else come forward. 

Encourage them to think of 1 to 14 and then collect each card on the table with that number.

Then you can show a different number. You can make a big issue.


All you need to do is insert the numbers in the center of each card left on the table and delete the total from 15 to the right number.

Was that not easy?

3. Truth by fire

The 3rd trick is traditionally done by a juggler on the roadside. This is a fortunate trick, which predicts the future using a set of magical games.

You can say when this trick is set up how the flame understands it all and how all those keys are inside the fuel, waiting to be opened.

Things Needed

  • a wooden matchbox 
  • a large water bowl
  • a cable cutter
  • glue 
  • sewing pin


With your mates and your creativity, you can have some fun with this one. You can configure this trick as you like. Use or make that your one of these tales to go along with your game trick:

  • Ask a friend to talk about three kids they meet. Place a standard game on them, get them to tell one of the titles, and touch the match and place it into a water bowl. Let them tell the next name and repeat when they move vertically.
  • When they tell the third name, give them a special match because when they're in the water horizontally, you claim that it means they're getting married.
  • Have a buddy throw four matches: North, South of each game, East of each match, and West of each match. The one floating upright shows the direction in which they are moving in practice.
  • Choose three jobs or three universities and three communities selected and use the games to see where they are going to end.
  • Let three questions be asked by your friend. Tell you the response is “no” if the match is sheet.
  • But if the match reveals the sky the answer is “yes.” The secret: the easiest way for a similar lock to move horizontally is to weigh the end of a glass of water.
  • Set up: place a button at the end of a line (on the other side of the red phosphorus).
  • With a wire cutter slice off extra metal so it doesn't surface at the start. You could repair it with a little adhesive if the wood breaks a little.
  • The weighted match should look like a regular match when you're finished.

Perhaps you should hit and throw the game if you're a partner who's very watchful so you won't have the chance to study the match really carefully!

4. Mathemagic Mind Reading Game

mind reading games

Professional magicians have the most successful skills in math, chemistry, physics, stage art, storytelling, acting and more.

Research is worthy of its presentation.

Tricks based on mathematical principles are very popular while entertaining children.

Let's take a look at one: the required materials: a machine.


Give a friend a calculator and ask that the numbers be pressed between 1 and 9 others than 8. 

Then ask them to select any number that shows a single digit.

If you have selected 5, for instance, then ask them to raise the original number by 45 (12345679).

1 * 45 is pressed on a computer, the selected number appears to be 5555555.


This is not the secret of a computer. The elusive amount is that that your mate has instructed you to divide by, i.e. 45 12345679.

Regardless of your friend's number, you need to raise it by 9 to achieve the magic number.

For instance, if you had selected 3 you would have asked them to divide by 27 (9x 3) and you would have 333333333.

When they choose 9, you'd say 81 (9x 9) and 9999999999 would be granted to them.

Reality is sometimes weaker than fiction, and math is only boggling!

5. The efficient pencil

Things Needed

pencil and two inches black nylon rope, empty glass or plastic bottle, and beeswax.


Hole up a common pencil and let your buddies thoroughly examine it.

Put your hand across the hole in an empty bottle with a few spellbound words. Sing. Okay, packed! Oh, done! Slowly in the container, the pencil begins to rise.

It's going down when you hear “go down.” It does, when you allow it to climb. You take the pencil and permit it to be tested. In excitement, the crowd goes wild!


Hold a black Nylon thread at one end and rub a little wax on the other end near to your ass.

Push the waxed thread into your palm, the pencil into your right hand, then gently push the wax into the end of the pencil, then drop it into your glass. as friends look at the pencil and the container.

Instead, the pencil is raised if you withdraw the container from the head. When you loop the thread to a finger, it travels in another direction. Use this trick to make it really appear in the front of a mirror.

After you have removed the wax, you can show the pencil for inspection. Friends are not going to take this as an event, but consider it a genuine wonder.

With this intangible string, you can do many more mystical things. You just need to hold your creativity and work to show your imagination.

You can become a good magician if you love magic. It all depends on how beautiful and smart you feel and these mind-reading games can help.

Good time, magicians. Have a nice time. Only take care! Take care!