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Become a Mentalist

While there are so many explanations of a mentalist, a mind reader, someone with supernatural abilities and many others you'll find out there, getting to really understand that art of mentalism takes more than just a mere outside look.

You are going to want to learn and think about how mentalists are able to explain mysterious and well hidden things about you, yet you've never been together with them any time of your life.

To become a mentalist is very easy once you get to know how the whole mind reading rythm develops.

And that is what we'll be doing in the next couple of minutes...

Mentalism has been extensively researched on by many people wanting to get it, but most of them don't realize that everyone has all the ingredients of becoming one, a truly great mentalist.

When it comes to mentalism, there are a few things you should gain, having great skills of observation, decoding and complete attentiveness to be able to manipulate.

These are what make any mentalist pick up a huge chunk of information about you.

Look at magicians, detectives, illusionists, how do they manage to trick and lead you to tell them what they want?

All these people are just playing around with your psychology using the same skills I've mentioned.

And to get a clearer picture of that, let's get a definitive look into how to become a mentalist, where to start and how to go about everything.

So here we go:

  1.Improving Observation Skills

Well, this is the first place where everyone has to begin their journey. You have to learn to see more than you currently are.

You are going to want to understand the various ways in which people communicate non verbally so that you are able to coordinate that with your questions to get exactly what you're after.


So here is how you should improve your observational skills:


Learn Micro-expressions

Micro-expressions are the simple but very effective ways through which we communicate our feelings towards particular subjects to others.

If you pay attention closely to people, there are those body movements they make when they are talking about various things.

For example, when you find someone lying they'll sort of pick their nose, scratch the back of their heads or break the eye contact.

These are the things you need to read. You should go and download ebooks on this subject, there are thousands of them online. Or you could enroll in a course that gives that.


Observe Yourself

The best way to learn from is you. How do you feel when you are talking about different topics?

How do you react to different people, emotions and words? What you'll need to do here, is to observe yourself in a mirror as your think about a number of subjects.

Try to remember an wonderful moment that got your really happy.

Visualize the whole scenario in your mind and then look carefully in the mirror what changes have occurred in your face and body, then do the same thing with a sad event and anxiety and you'll be surprised.

Using yourself as the first guinea pig helps you to understand others since our bodies act pretty much the same.


Observe Others

You need to also look at how other people behave. While our bodies act the same, these actions are expressed in different ways.

There are some people, who when angry will clench their fists, others will bite their lips and others will grind their teeth. These and many more reactions need to be well studied by you.

And this will help you know the which reactions are seen in which kind of people and how to handle them so that they blend with your skills to bring the expected results.

  2. Sharpening Decoding Skills

Decoding is all about going through what people are talking of in hidden forms and then trying to figure out what they mean to say.

Here, you should learn how to hear something short and through it, discover a lot of things about the person who gave it.

Most often than not, we tell more about ourselves than we actually realize. And if we can use the same concept on other people, we are sure to learn so much from them.


Here is how you will sharpen your skills to decode:


Be a Great Listener

If you want to hear more then you will have to listen even more. To do this, you only have to put all your attention to what you are listening.

Concentrate fully to it and try to pick things up from the speech or the talk you are listening to. Also, you will have to train your mind to be fast.

You will want to listen, get some few things up and interpret them quickly to give certain aspects that other people are deaf to.

And from these interpretations, figure out how you can use them as weaknesses to help you manipulate the person speaking.


Detect Lies

Lies are told when someone wants the situation to fit in with their own satisfaction or when they are not really sure of what they are taking about.

And in this case, you should be looking to know why people don't want to face truth as it is.

The reason for doing this is to help you in situations where you will be dealing with people who are hard to read their expressions.

To do this, you should observe the sequence of their speech, how they get their words to develop.

There is a certain point a liar reaches where that sequence is broken and lies start to reveal themselves in a very deep and hidden form.


Ask Guided Questions

A good way to learn truth is to ask questions that kind of lead people to the truth that you are after.

You start them from very far in a way they cannot detect where you are headed to, and then slowly by slowly narrow down to where you want them to get to and tell you what you want.

A good example of this is to have them talk about talk about their best memorable moments and then all of a sudden you turn them to a sad moment, the difference between the two should help you know, comparing to what you are talking about at that particular moment, if they are lying.

Actually this is what all mentalists do to make predictions of what you'll think even before you say it, and they tell you upfront, which turns out to be correct.

  3. Manipulating the Situation

Now you have learnt how to observe and to decode.

You will then be using these two to help manipulate people into giving you hints about their lives and then using that information to make you seem a great mentalist, that is what mentalism can be summarized as.

So how do you get to manipulate people to give away their own secrets?

How should you get them to spit out what you want and then use it to make it appear like you were actually reading their minds?

Here is how should go about it:

Make Quick Educated Guesses!

In all our lives there are those common things that we all go through, love, sadness, happiness and grief. ​

There are also things like names and appearance of people that are alike. So if you can use this "link" to stage your performance, you can work perfect.

To give you a good example, you can have someone whose mind you are reading tell you a bit of their information if you just make a brilliant guess on something like, "I'm seeing an old man seated on a chair."

That's a good guess which is general. Many people are living with their parents or grandparents, which works in this case.

They also could have traveled to see their parents or are living with old people in their locality.

Now, if you can leverage this, they'll tell you everything about that person and you can make another wise guess to keep more information coming.

And later on, you will use all what you've gathered to make them believe you just their minds.

But as you do this, you will need to:

  • Be very confident - Don't make guesses with signs of uncertainty. You should do it while smiling briefly and still have your face looking directly at them to show surety. People don't want very accurate information, they only need leads for them to subconsciously give away what you need.
  • Be a Natural - Playing you will help with convincing them you are sure of what you are saying. Don't try to imitate any mentalist you know because you might slip off and sell yourself away.
  • Put On Mentalism - Something else you will need to take much keen on is the things that mentalists to really bring out that feeling of mind reading.

Things like touching the hard of the person you are reading, placing one hand on their heads and the other on the shoulder and feeling their pulses among others. These will help you put on the show perfectly.

And there you go! Being a mentalist doesn't really require special energies and capabilities, it only needs using the simple skills you have to their fullest potential and getting to manipulate the person you are reading will enough for them to be convinced.

So with this art fully enhanced, questions like how to become a mentalist? Where to start? How to do everything in mentalism right?

How to get people to connect with a mentalist? And how to crack the mentalism code should be put to complete rest.

What you need to do now is get each of the discussed aspect and make the most from it, and in a short while, you'll have seen your effort start to pay.

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